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The world's best brands leverage Aster Analytics for these and other features:

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Easy Insights on Multi-Genre Analytics from One SQL Query

Aster Overview

Business Analysts and Data Scientists can uncover insights from all of your organization's data utilizing just one SQL query.Our 100+ pre-built advanced analytics queries include:

Aster Analytics Portfolio

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All Analytics Engines in One Framework Means Optimized Performance and Ease of Use

Reduce inefficiencies of using Graph, MapReduce and R on three separate tools. With Aster Analytics, Graph, R and Mapreduce are combined on one framework. With all functions executed as SQL commands and with all analytics engines doing what they do best, Aster Analytics provides high performance processing across massive volumes of data.

In addition to our Aster Analytics optimized performance, our unique Teradata Aster Seamless Network Analytics Processing (SNAP) Framework™ allows Graph, R and MapReduce engines to operate seamlessly while our Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) architecture allows analytic processing to be done at the scale needed.


Lifting the Limitations of R

Give your R analyst, business analysts and data scientists an R interface to Aster Analytics - a solution that provides scalable R, all in a single language to tackle complex business challenges and uncover previously unknown business and customer insights.

Integration with open source R improves analytic performance of huge datasets with, in-database scoring, while all functions execute within a single analytic environment. When Aster Analytics is combined with our Open Source R and Aster R Runners critical business problems and resolved.



Web-Based Interface for Business and IT Use

The Aster Analytics web-based Apps Center solution provides an easy-to-use interface for building, deploying, sharing and consuming data within the Aster Analytics tool. It enables self-service big data and advanced analytics as well as the ability for technical and non-technical users to discover business and customer insights as well as opportunities to gain an edge over your competition.

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Take the fast lane to big data analytics and discovery and experience first-hand the power of Teradata Aster Analytics.

Scalable Data Science with R

R is among the top five data science tools in use today.

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