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The World’s Most Powerful Database

The World’s Most Powerful Database

Designed to deliver high performance, diverse queries, in-database analytics and sophisticated workload management, the Teradata Database supports and enables all Teradata Data Warehouse solutions. The Teradata Database outperforms all other vendor analytics solutions and will continue to support your analytics even with a changing competitive landscape or industry advances. With a Teradata Database driven warehouse, you can respond to changing and complex business requirements with greater speed and agility.

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Provides Faster Answers

Get the power you need to make the right decisions - when you need it most. We put over 30 years of real-world experience into developing not only raw power but the most intelligent optimizer and smartest features to process queries and filter data to efficiently respond to any request. JSON data integration in Teradata Database lets you also apply that query power to dynamic data without adding columns to your table to accept new data.

If your application architecture includes in-database processing, embed your favorite language (e.g., Ruby, Perl, Python) right in the database for parallel execution by the database. Supporting Teradata QueryGrid™ expands your data warehouse horizon, extending query reach to execute portions of your query on your Hadoop data platform or Oracle database, giving you access to all of your enterprise data or specialized processing engines.

Reduces IT Effort & Time

This uncomplicated, hands-off solution saves your staff untold hours by continuously running a multi-application data warehouse at peak performance. Your IT team will appreciate Teradata Database's simple set-up, self-managing automation and intelligent design.

Gartner Report: Magic Quadrant for Data Warehouse and Data Management Solutions for Analytic

Flexibility to Meet Analytical Needs

Ask any question at any time - from determining complex trends and anomalies in the business to customizing web offers with thousands of short queries. You'll have the flexibility to do it all - all at the same time - with intelligent query processing that supports any physical data model.

Whitepaper: Navigating the In-Database Landscape Five Best Practices for Deploying Advanced Analytics in Todays Enterprise

Manage Your Data Warehouse at the Push of a Button

Teradata Database offers a set of features that enables faster data warehouse deployment with software controls of I/O, Space, CPU, & Security. With Teradata Software-Defined Warehouse, you can stay fast and agile in responding to changing and complex business requirements. Teradata Software-Defined Warehouse includes:

Keep Pace with Growing Business & User Demands

Managing your production environment brings change & challenge as the data in your Teradata system becomes more critical to your business.


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Advanced Features

Use Your Favorite Scripting Language

Use the language which best handles the type of question and processing you require, or combine processing methodologies within a single analytical process. Submit SQL queries to the database, or invoke Java, Perl, Ruby, Python, R or other language scripts you have installed in the database to run custom analytics. Scripts automatically run in parallel within the database and produce a set of output rows just like a native SQL query.

Structured and Multi-Structured Data

Store and analyze structured and multi-structured data in the same database engine. Deep integration provides performance, workload management, in-database analytics, and ease of administration across all data and seamless use of all data types within queries. Full breadth of structured types, XML, JSON, and weblog data are all supported for native in-database processing.

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset: Data

The Teradata Database offers a broad range of security features to help you customize and optimize the security of your Teradata data warehouse to meet your business needs.

These capabilities include:

  • User and system level password controls, external authentication and authorization using LDAP and Kerberos
  • Teradata Wallet for securing credentials on client systems
  • Trusted Sessions provide additional security when using applications with connection pools
  • IP filters
  • Fine-grained access rights and privileges for user authorization
  • Security roles
  • Row and column-level security
  • Strong network traffic encryption
  • Full disk encryption
  • Column-level data encryption and tokenization
  • Tape/disk backup encryption
  • Comprehensive audit logs

Hybrid Row/Column Data Storage

There are no silver bullets for performance. While columnar technology has been attractive, companies have shied away from columnar databases because they have lacked the capabilities businesses require.

With its elegant hybrid design, Teradata Columnar breaks through that barrier by fully integrating columnar and row-based tables within Teradata Database. This allows support of mission-critical applications which depend on advanced workload management, high availability, rich SQL, and in-database analytics.


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Advanced Usage

Utilize Multiple Data Sources

The Teradata Unified Data Architecture (UDA) includes the specialized platforms and compute engines to support the broad array of data and analytical techniques needed by leading enterprises. Teradata QueryGrid™ enables Teradata Database to orchestrate the resources of all of the platforms in the UDA and beyond so that a single query can utilize the unique analytical capabilities of and data on any of the platforms. For example, QueryGrid: Teradata Database-to-Hadoop lets Teradata Database push analytics down to Hadoop for processing and retrieval of some data for use within a query. With its bi-directional data exchange and query push down your complete Data Fabric enabled by QueryGrid is available from within your Teradata Database Integrated Data Warehouse.

Technical and Business Users Welcome

Integrated with the leading BI and Analytical tools and supporting the most powerful and flexible custom written business SQL, business users can ask any question on any data. Application developers have the flexibility to use their language of choice and implement flexible application architecture with logic embedded in the database itself by using Teradata Database as the data platform for their applications.

Broadest Range of Concurrent Queries

The Teradata Database integrated data warehouse supports the breadth of queries from simple reporting and ad hoc queries to the most complex in-database algorithms - all at the same time. Teradata Database features combined with the best workload management enables the workload you require.

Full Bi-Temporal Tables & Queries

Things just got simpler! You no longer need complex SQL condition clauses and date fields to model transaction (system) time and valid (real-world) time.


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In-Memory Optimization and Vectorization

Innovative new in-memory optimizations Improve Memory Bandwidth and Performance

Teradata’s new in-memory optimizations focus on making better use of data once it’s in-memory. Query Pipelining simplifies queries with in-memory hand-offs between steps to drastically reduce disk I/O. New in-memory table structures which store data as column-partitioned tables for improved join performance and consumption by the CPU. Additionally, auto-compress algorithms help improve memory bandwidth.

Advanced Engineering adds Bulk Qualification and Vectorization to improve CPU efficiency and performance

Engineered and optimized to take advantage of the latest Haswell chipsets to drive out I/O bottlenecks with Bulk Processing and Vectorization. Bulk Qualification applies row qualification in parallel and enables more data to be moved closer to the CPU. Vectorization leverages the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 CPU parallel instruction sets, to apply operations in parallel, to increase CPU throughput and efficiency and further improve memory bandwidth.

Next Generation Temperature Weightings improve Memory Bandwidth and more closely align with Business Priorities

Teradata Labs delivers new temperature algorithms which now include weightings for Tactical, Strategic, and Logical (data referenced in-memory) I/O’s. This delivers razor sharp temperature precision which optimizes memory bandwidth and aligns performance with business needs. These new techniques are leveraged throughout Teradata’s automated multi-temperature controls in Teradata Intelligent Memory, Teradata Virtual Storage, & Compress on Cold.

Significantly increase query performance

As part of Teradata’s innovative and comprehensive multi-temperature data management approach, Teradata Intelligent Memory keeps the most frequently used data in-memory. This delivers an in-memory performance boost to delivers rapid analytic processing.

Performance of in-memory databases without their cost

By optimizing memory usage, Teradata Intelligent Memory helps enterprises achieve optimal value from their data and data warehouse investment. This delivers the benefits of in-memory performance coupled with disk economics.

No administrator intervention or application changes required

Teradata Intelligent Memory, leverages the latest advanced temperature measurement algorithms, to automatically identify and move the most frequently used data in-memory for faster query performance, resulting in quicker answers for better decision making and analysis.

All Data in the Right Location

Ensure the best performance when you use your critical data and ensure you pay for the right storage for all of your data without overpaying for premium storage where not needed. Teradata Database’s multi-temperature data management automatically utilizes hybrid storage for data temperature sensitive storage and Teradata Intelligent Memory for in-memory processing of the most critical data.

Technical Datasheet on Teradata Database


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A free developer version of the Teradata Database, fully configured and ready to run. Evaluate, develop and test new features, theories or data.

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