Data Warehouse:
The Foundation for Enhanced Business Operations

Data can transform your business.

A Data Warehouse is used to store and analyse data to drive business decisions at all touch points and across all aspects of a business, irrespective of size. The Data Warehouse integrates data from disparate sources into a central repository of data that provides a consistent re-usable asset of intelligence. A wide range of tools can access this data to provide reports, statistics, visualisations and to integrate data into decision making processes, increasingly automated and in real-time.

Teradata® is the world’s leading provider of analytical solutions backed by the industry’s best database. It is powerful, best in-class and cost effective at driving business value.

Teradata provides a range of workload-specific platforms to address all data warehousing, data discovery and data staging needs. The Teradata® Platform Family, all running the Teradata Database, includes the Active Enterprise Data Warehouse, the Data Warehouse Appliance, the Data Mart Appliance, and the Integrated Big Data Platform.

For multi-structured data discovery and data staging, we offer the Teradata Aster® Big Analytics Appliance and the Teradata Appliance for Hadoop.

The foundation for all platforms is the Teradata Database, designed to deliver high performance, diverse queries, in-database analytics & sophisticated workload management. The Teradata Database encompasses over 30 years of real-world experience, and includes the most intelligent optimizer and smartest features to process queries and filter data to efficiently respond to any request.

Teradata’s Unified approach brings together the Teradata Database, Teradata’s Discovery Platform and Hadoop technology as well as best-of-breed partner tools. Teradata QueryGrid™ provides unique integration capability to execute portions of queries on a Hadoop data platform or Oracle database, giving access to all enterprise data.


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