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The Best Path to Enterprise Agility & Competitive Intelligence

The Best Path to Enterprise Agility & Competitive Intelligence

Teradata Integrated Data Warehouses

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For 35 years, Teradata has led the industry in building superior enterprise data warehousing solutions and bringing improved management agility to organizations. Built from the ground up to be mission critical and highly responsive, Teradata’s Integrated Data Warehouses are what the world’s largest and most competitive organizations use for actionable insights and decision based analytics.


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The business benefits of our Integrated Data Warehousing technology include:

  • Provides a complete view of an organization’s business in support of decision making processes 
  • Provide one detailed, and consistent view of the customer from multiple data sources
  • Advanced in-database analytics such as geospatial, R, data mining, and math and statics functions
  • Innovative intelligent in-memory processing
  • Achieving the level of performance, scalability, and availability required by the business
  • Advanced in-database analytics and intelligent in-memory processing
  • Works with Teradata QueryGrid to give organizations a gateway to actionable big data insights
  • Eliminate time required in reconciling conflicting data between individuals and teams
  • Optimized business analytic engine that provides the greatest business value at the lowest total cost of ownership


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Success Stories


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The World’s Most Powerful Database

Designed to deliver high performance, diverse queries, in-database analytics and sophisticated workload management, the Teradata Database supports and enables all Teradata Data Warehouse solutions. The Teradata Database outperforms all other vendor analytics solutions and will continue to support your analytics even with a changing competitive landscape or industry advances. With a Teradata Database driven warehouse, you can respond to changing and complex business requirements with greater speed and agility. Single unified database can be deployed everywhere based on your deployment needs. Get a free download of Teradata Database.

Software-Defined Data Warehouse Enables Multiple Data Warehouses on a Single Platform

With a Teradata Software-Defined Warehouse, you can have different business units in different locations around the world on one system, with full security and privacy. Teradata enables separation between tenants within the data warehouse. Deploy and manage your data, resources and security through software-driven controls with low cost of ownership.


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Choose from a Family of Data Warehouse Platforms

Teradata provides a complete family of purpose-built platforms that address a full spectrum of needs -from entry to enterprise level - all designed to work with the proven power of the Teradata High Performance Database engine.

Revolutionary Flexibility for Designing and Expanding Data Warehouse Systems

Teradata IntelliFlex™ is our next generation industry-leading MPP architecture and newest member of the Teradata Workload-Specific Platform Family. Its fabric-based structure provides multi-dimensional scalability, enabling companies to add processing power and storage capacity independently to meet their current and changing business requirements. It provides a memory-rich configuration for powerful in-memory computing and high-density packaging that is data center friendly. IntelliFlex meets the widest range of operational and strategic intelligence needs.

The Most Powerful Real-Time Data Warehousing Engine

Imagine the advantage your business will have over the competition if every customer-facing representative has real-time customer insights and superior intelligence at their fingertips. Turbo-charged with superior technology to enable true real-time data warehousing – the Active Enterprise Data Warehouse gives organizations, more than any other data warehouse solution available, a real advantage over competitors. Teradata’s Active Enterprise Data Warehouse offers extreme high performance with concurrency to handle 1000s of users at one time. It is unmatched by any other vendor in the marketplace in terms of scalability, performance, analytical capabilities and speed.

An Easy First Step Towards an Integrated Data Warehouse

You can start building your integrated data warehouse with a Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance: a high-performing, cost-effective, ready-to-run, fully-integrated data warehousing solution. Get more out of your data by pushing the limits of the types of analytics you can do with a data warehousing solution powered by the superior Teradata Database. This environment enables agile analytics with incredibly fast parallel processing, scalability to process massive volumes of data and rich in-database analytic capabilities.

A Low Cost Data Warehouse with All the Analytic Capabilities of the Teradata Database

For entry level production data warehousing, testing and development and a data mart solution, the Teradata Data Mart Appliance is a small, powerful, low cost and versatile single server SMP.

Analyze Massive Amounts of Data at a Low Cost

Instead of deleting cold data from your warehouse, transfer it to the Teradata Integrated Big Data Platform for cost-effective long-term storage. Analyze deep archive data along with new, incoming data from your Integrated Data Warehouse. Gain strategic intelligence and new actionable insights when you explore all of your data with Teradata’s advanced analytics.

Virtual Machine Deployment Options for the Teradata Database

Get fast, easy deployment within your organization’s enterprise virtualization environment with Teradata Virtual Machine Edition. Delivering a virtual system with Teradata Database installed, Virtual Machine Edition is the right choice for advanced application development and prototyping as well as an entry point for a Teradata production environment.


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Cloud Solutions

Analytic Capabilities of the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse In the Cloud

Teradata offers a hosted data center consisting of a fully functional data warehouse environment powered by the Teradata Database – in the cloud. Large organizations that want sophisticated business intelligence but do not want to operate a data center find the Teradata Cloud Solution ideal. While small and medium sized enterprises leverage Teradata Cloud Solutions to get up and running quickly without the need for a large staff, data center floor space and other resources.


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In-Database Analytics

Analyze Data within the Data Warehouse Quickly Without Data Extraction

Teradata invented the concept of integrated analytics and then taught the world. Eliminate data movement, accelerate analytics delivery and increase analytic precision with in-database analytics from the Teradata Integrated Analytics Portfolio. Teradata partners with leading business intelligence vendors to optimize their tools – to push analytics down into the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse without the need to extract data.

Plug And Play SAP® Data into The Teradata Data Warehouse

Unlock the potential of your SAP ERP data with Teradata’s plug and play connector for SAP® ERP. After a quick installation process, it will automatically point to SAP and start copying data out to the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse. Learn more about Teradata Analytics for SAP.


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Data Input & Extraction

Input, Extract and Manage Data

To get the most out of your Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse, we provide a powerful set of Tools and Utilities that address core data warehouse administration and database access needs. Teradata Tools and Utilities help integrate your Teradata system into your enterprise – and streamline data warehouse management tasks such as moving massive volumes of data and accessing multiple data sources in parallel, while taking crucial steps toward improving your overall Teradata system performance.


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Information Security

Vital Information on Current Information Security Best Practices

Information security requires a wide array of products and security features to provide the flexibility and control companies need for data protection.  The Teradata Database and Teradata Platform Family support a rich set of information security controls for managing, protecting and auditing access to stored data.

Teradata Professional Services and Customer Services have developed an extensive set of information security best practices – derived from both internal practices and industry best practices – designed to meet a variety of information security compliance requirements.

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According to Forrester, Teradata continues to offer the most comprehensive and scalable EDW platform. Read Report


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Consulting Services

The Best Consultants in Data Warehousing

Not only is our force of Consulting Services the largest in the data warehousing industry, they're also the most experienced. With over 2000 data warehouse implementations in some of the world's leading companies and a 30-year track record of success, the best minds in data warehousing are a mouseclick or phone call away.


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Get a free, fully-functional Teradata database


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Get other downloads, collaborate with peers  

Share ideas, ask questions, learn, and solve problems.

Support Portal / Teradata at Your Service (TAYS)

Support capabilities and community resources at your fingertips reduce the time it takes to resolve technical issues.

Product communities, education and more  

Participate in Teradata education opportunities, product communities and more.


Teradata partners and integrates with leading business intelligence companies. We rely on our world-class partners to deliver key solutions, including data acquisition and integration services companies such as those below and more.


We rely on our world-class partners to deliver key solutions, including data acquisition and integration services companies such as those below and more.



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Capitalize On All of Your Data

The Teradata Unified Data Architecture (UDA) captures and manages all your organizations data and brings together Teradata, Teradata Aster, and Hadoop, as well as Teradata Query Grid and Teradata Connector for Hadoop.

Access All Your Data and Analytic Engines With Teradata QueryGrid™

QueryGrid makes all analytic platforms operate as a single, cohesive environment. No other data virtualization software gives users this performance and flexibility.

Access a Single-View Of Your Analytical Ecosystem With Teradata Viewpoint

Teradata Viewpoint gives each user the ability to create a dashboard for managing and customizing their view of the Teradata environment.

Download Teradata Express Database

A free developer version of the Teradata Database, fully configured and ready to run. Evaluate, develop and test new features, theories or data.

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