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  • Teradata Bulk Discount Vouchers

    Save up to 15% with Pre-Paid Volume Discount Vouchers -Teradata Certification pre-paid exam vouchers provide a convenient and easy payment method for certification candidates. The Teradata Certified Professional Program offers pre-paid volume discount vouchers through Pearson VUE


    Bulk Voucher Purchasing Discounts

    Volume Discount Pricing Tiers Teradata 14 - Each voucher tier is exam-specific. The vouchers can be redeemed only for exams within the tier in which the vouchers are purchased. Pre-paid vouchers are not available for the Teradata 14 Bridge from Teradata 12 exam or the Teradata 14 Comprehensive Mastery exam.

    Teradata 14 Tier I: Vouchers purchased within Tier I can be redeemed for these baseline Teradata 14 exams: Basics (TE0-141), SQL (TE0-142) and Physical Design and Implementation (TE0-143).

    • SAVE 15% when purchasing 30 + vouchers
    • SAVE 10% when purchasing 11-29 vouchers
    • Pay in-country market price*- when purchasing 1-10 vouchers

    Teradata 14 Tier II: Vouchers purchased within Tier II can be redeemed for these job role Teradata 14 exams: Database Administration (TE0-144), Solutions Development (TE0-145), and Enterprise Architecture (TE0-146)

    • SAVE 15% when purchasing 30 + vouchers
    • SAVE 10% when purchasing 11-29 vouchers
    • Pay in-country market price* - when purchasing 1-10 vouchers

    *Teradata 14 exam retail price amounts will vary from country to country and range from $145 - $300 USD.

    Voucher Ordering Instructions

    To order Teradata pre-paid vouchers, go to Pearson VUE Voucher page on-line. Fill out the order form specific to your region. If you have further questions, contact your regional Pearson VUE Voucher team by email PearsonVUEVoucherStore@pearson.com or telephone (regional phone numbers listed in the order forms).

    Note: Conditions Applicable to Teradata Pre-Paid Volume Discount Vouchers:

    Test takers do not need to purchase a voucher to schedule an exam, but may make a direct payment with their credit card in the registration system at the time of scheduling.

    All vouchers are pre-paid. Vouchers are non-refundable and non-returnable.

    To receive voucher discounts, you must purchase a minimum of 11 vouchers within the same tier. Discounts are not applied to total voucher purchases made across tiers.

    All pre-paid Teradata vouchers are valid for one year from date of issue and must be redeemed when scheduling an exam at a Pearson VUE prior to the expiration date. Expiration dates cannot be extended.

    Teradata employees only: From inside the Teradata firewall, Teradata employees and associates view the TCPP Connections Group for instructions about obtaining internal exam vouchers.

    Special Promotions

    All Teradata Certification Guides and Apps are 33% off the retail price from 11/28/16 until 12/31/2016. No special promotion or discount code needed. Discount price reflected at Amazon.com , iBooks , or Kobo and is based on cover price. Discount is not applicable towards shipping and/or sales tax.