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    Eliminate data movement, accelerate analytics & increase analytic precision with Teradata in-database analytics

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    High Performance

    Your analysts can work smarter and gain high value insight faster when you quickly and efficiently analyze massive volumes of data with Teradata Integrated Analytics.


    All the analytics you need - from best-in-class established analytics to new innovative and emerging analytics - are integrated and optimized within your Teradata analytic platform.


    Take advantage of tools highly optimized for Teradata - from the best-in-class analytic vendor to open source technology. With Teradata Studio, you can easily extend your analytic portfolio by developing custom in-database objects.


    The Teradata Integrated Analytics Portfolio includes new data types and analytics, emerging technologies, partner optimizations, and tools for application development:

    Data Exploration: Visual data exploration to quickly understand and analyze data within the database 

    OLAP Optimization: Built-in multidimensional analytics optimization 

    Geospatial: Native in-database geospatial data types and analytics 

    Temporal: Native in-database temporal support to manage and update time data and analytics 

    Advanced Analytics: Optimized in-database data mining technology from leading vendors, open source, and Teradata 

    Agile Analytics: In-database data labs to accelerate exploration of new data and ideas 

    Big Data Integration: Partner tools to analyze unstructured and structured data 

    Application Development: Tools and techniques to accelerate development of in-database and Hadoop analytics


    Teradata Raises The Bar with In-Database Analytics

    Teradata is taking In-Database Analytics to a new level, delivering industry firsts with Teradata Database 14.10 and key partnerships with Revolution R and Fuzzy Logix.


    Teradata is extending In-Database Analytics with:


    • The world’s first “out-of-the-box” parallel in-database R.
    • The largest library of In-DBS advanced analytics 
    • New XML data support 
    • Simplified and extended temporal analytics
    • Optimized geospatial location analytic


  • “The value of a good data warehouse is the difference between having a car in a garage and being able to take it out and put it to good use." 

    Ehtisham Rao

    Director of Business Intelligence and Billing, Mobilink


    Mobilink Succeeds with Teradata Analytics

    Mobilink is the leading telco in Pakistan, with nearly 32 million subscribers and a salesforce of 32,500 serving 200,000 retailers in more than 10,000 cities, towns, and villages. Mobilink needed an integrated approach for harnessing vast quantities of information, employing predictive analytics, and delivering value quickly across the organization. 

    A Teradata Active Data Warehouse was the answer. This white paper brings you the details on Mobilink's challenges and success.


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