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						Teradata News and Media Resources

Women of Teradata Announce College Scholarship Winners - 7/01/2015
Two Scholars Entering Careers in Science

Teradata RainStor Enriches Analytics with Archived Data - 6/08/2015
Hadoop-based enterprise archive solution seamlessly integrates with organizations’ analytical ecosystem

Data Lakes are More Manageable and Secure with Teradata Loom - 6/08/2015
Teradata Loom enhances data lake security, speeds data access, and enables better integration with the customer’s analytical ecosystem

Teradata Launches First Enterprise Support for Presto - 6/08/2015
Makes multi-year commitment to open source query engine

Teradata to Showcase the Benefits of Data-Driven Government at DATA Act Summit, Demo Day - 6/04/2015
Tech innovators to illuminate, educate public officials on June 9, 10

Teradata Accelerates JSON Data Query Performance for Improved Business Agility - 6/01/2015
Business users can now take full advantage of additional data from web applications, sensors, and IoT-connected machines and integrate it with other business data

New Gartner Critical Capabilities Report: Teradata Receives the Highest Product Scores in All Four Use Cases for D - 5/26/2015
Evaluation based on customer feedback and vendor capabilities

Marketers Must Connect the Dots to Leverage Data Insights Create Lasting Brand Value - 5/13/2015
Individualized Marketing means moving beyond personalization to true individualization and bona fide value exchange.

Teradata Announces APEX Award Winners at ONE Teradata Marketing Festival 2015 - 5/12/2015
Seven Outstanding Companies Honored for Innovation and Marketing Excellence

Teradata Announces Social Advertising Capability on Facebook - 5/12/2015
Teradata Digital Marketing Center utilizes Facebook Custom Audiences for more accurate targeting of Facebook ads.