WhereScape was founded to give businesses flexibility and the fastest “time to value” in their data warehouse projects. Our software products automates the design, build & change processes for data warehouses & Big Data platforms. Our customers are top Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

WhereScape 3D – Plans Data projects. Unique software that helps users understand risks and constraints and plan their next data warehouse projects accurately and rapidly.

WhereScape RED – Builds Data Warehouses. The leading data warehouse automation software for building data warehouses fast without compromise.

WhereScape Consulting Services – Understand Data Warehouses. The subject matter experts in every aspect of data warehousing. Thousands of years of experience at all sizes of customer.



Benefits of Partnership

As stated by a Teradata PS resource who witnessed the WhereScape product firsthand at a real customer:

  • Provides an integrated ELT development environment which is driven by a robust metadata layer. 
  • Facilitates rapid development and code reusability and really helps standardize all processes from source to target. It also supports surrogate generation and more complex ETL design. 
  • Can easily handle extracting and moving data from almost any source database to target supporting fastload, multiload, tpt. 
  • Supports customization so that existing procedures and code can be integrated fairly easily into the metadata layer.
  • Has a flexible scheduler and supports re-startability inherently and can be called from other enterprise schedulers like Tivoli and Control-M.
  • Helps abstract ETL development which allows for faster turn-around time. 
  • Supports version control and checking in and checking out of code including code promotion from one environment to another much like Rational Clearcase. It is very easy to export the complete metadata defining a data warehouse and move it to another environment and rebuild it.

WhereScape RED

A developer tool / environment for data warehouses.

Quick Facts

VersionTeradata Version(s) 13.10 13.10 13.10 13.10
6.0.3TD 13.0
6.00TD 12.0 13.0
TD 12.0

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