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Teradata and Microsoft Partnership

At Microsoft, our mission and values are to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.  Visit us online at

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Microsoft® Corporation
At Microsoft, our mission and values are to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. Visit us online at

Benefits of Partnership

  • Proven, affordable BI solutions with unparalleled performance and scalability thanks to seamless Microsoft-Teradata integration.
  • Easy implementation of Microsoft BI solutions into the Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).
  • An integrated, joint BI solution that unlocks data assets and ensures that data is current, accurate and actionable.
  • Fast, reliable delivery of key business data to the people best placed to leverage it, through their preferred productivity tools.
  • Ability to analyze, understand, share and leverage data in new and imaginative ways. 
  • Improved operational efficiencies through increased visibility into operational processes.
  • Increased business insight to guide strategy and promote business growth.
  • Simplified IT infrastructure and reduced cost of operations. 

“Using Microsoft on Teradata offers consistent, timely delivery of performance metrics. From customer-facing employees to top management, everyone sees the same metrics through the same interface, regardless of their level or location. This single interface enables us to measure employee and location performance, set day-to-day action plans and develop strategic initiatives across organizational and geographic boundaries. This is only possible due to the response time the combined platform delivers. Thousands of employees worldwide run their businesses on this information, helping them to deliver superior customer service. Further, the solution’s extensibility has allowed us to integrate business intelligence directly into our customer-facing applications, which facilitates dialogue between us and our customers – all based upon seeing the same data.”
Jeff Gainer, Lead Systems Architect, Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Teradata and Microsoft Business Intelligence
For years, Teradata and Microsoft have helped forward-looking businesses manage and leverage their data intelligently with a powerful joint solution for business intelligence (BI): the Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) on the Microsoft SQL® Server stack. The partners’ technologies integrate seamlessly, and the Teradata EDW leverages the productivity technologies with which information workers are most familiar: Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft SharePoint®. By deploying the Teradata-Microsoft solution, businesses can gain control over their data, increase their performance and reduce their total cost of ownership.

Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 integrates seamlessly with Teradata 14.0, resulting in faster overall performance, advanced BI and lowered operating costs. SQL Server 2012 Enterprise edition features high availability, enhanced security features and Breakthrough Insight with managed, self-service data exploration and interactive data visualizations. With Microsoft SQL Server 2012, enterprises can:

  • Build and deploy scalable, secure and manageable BI corporate solutions quickly with SQL Server’s advanced analytics and reporting and in-memory analytics engine.
  • Benefit from advanced analytics through the use of Microsoft Excel for gathering and analyzing data, and SharePoint PerformancePoint dashboards and scorecards for advanced filtering, analytics and business performance monitoring. 
  • Use IT dashboard controls across SQL Server and SharePoint to monitor, manage and govern the data and analytics that end-users create.
  • Empower employees with PowerPivot to access and mash up data from virtually any source, including Big Data sources.
  • Gain new insights fast with Power View, an interactive, browser-based data visualization and presentation tool that empowers users to create and share in-depth reports.
  • Provide consistent views across heterogeneous data sources and transform end-user-created apps into corporate BI solutions with the BI Semantic Model.
  • Standardize and load data from many different sources into the Teradata EDW quickly and efficiently with the SQL Server Integration Services complete extract, transform, and load (ETL) tool.

Microsoft Interop  
(*) .NET Data Provider for Teradata v13.11.00.01
(**) Available when v3.0 is released, no ETA

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