VLDB Solutions

VLDB are one of the UK’s most highly regarded specialist System Integrators, successfully delivering and managing projects across multiple fortune 1000 verticals, in the UK and Europe. Focused on Large-Scale data challenges, the VLDB team are both highly experienced and cost-effective with a solid track record of delivering on-time and on-budget projects in some of the most challenging business areas.

With Certification at the highest level for Teradata and other technologies, our customer base know they can rely on our team to exceed expectations. 


Benefits of Partnership

VLDB is a specialist consulting house delivering strategic planning, analysis, design, development and deployment, focused on the Big Data-Warehousing market. Teradata customers can benefit from our extensive team of seasoned ‘Teradata Masters’ with more than 20 years hands on experience with Teradata customers around the world. Our focus is affordable high quality service ensuring your Business intelligence solution is a success that meets the needs of the business, at a price point that makes it affordable.

Whether you are at the start of your journey with Teradata or had the pleasure of working with this dynamic technology for many years we can help guide you to get the very best out of your system.

Search Science

VLDB launched 'Search Science' in 2011 in response to a growing market requirement for advanced on-line market needs. Based on Teradata's IWI ecosystem our developers have created a game changing solution that takes our customers online marketing to the next level.

Quick Facts

VersionTeradata Version(s)
2.1TD 13.10

Product Resources

Search Science Introduction
Search Science: Harnessing the power of your business data, Search Science brings together best of breed bid optimisation, web site behavioral insight, scalable D/W and data analytics in a tightly integrated package to deliver unparalleled results.

Managed Business Intelligence (MBI)

Managed Business Intelligence (MBI) through an on-demand Data Warehouse that allows you to undertake large-scale data analytics. Built specifically for you, as you need it, and at a price you can afford. VLDB Solutions understands that there are many companies out there holding on to their customer and business data with no way of releasing its potential.

Quick Facts

VersionTeradata Version(s)
2.1TD 13.10