Attensity Group

Attensity Group is a privately held company with headquarters in Palo Alto, CA, technology centers in Salt Lake City, UT, Antwerp, Belgium, and Saarbrucken, Germany, a government sales and support office in the McLean, VA, metropolitan area and regional sales and support offices in Europe. Attensity’s social analytics and engagement solutions are the choice of some marquee industry names for its ability to deliver sophisticated real time social media analytics that enable business leaders, customer support personnel, and marketing and sales departments to get accurate insights and trends on specific sentiments expressed in social media and other customer conversations about their products and services. Attensity’s path breaking solutions allow customers to Listen, Analyze, Relate and Act on these conversations.


Benefits of Partnership

Attensity's distinctive approach to text analytics provides the ability to exhaustively extract the facts, context and factual causalities contained in freeform text - everything from e-mails, web forums and blogs, field reports, customer surveys, cables, Internet news feeds, service records, warranty claims and a long list of other documents that, in the past, have been difficult to analyze due to inadequate technology. Attensity converts these facts into relational tables and then fuses those with existing structured data within the Enterprise Data Warehouse so Teradata customers can ask questions of all of their data. This provides:

  • Improved process visibility
  • Accelerated identification of adverse events
  • Compressed problem detection-to-correction cycles
  • Streamlined determination of responsible parties
  • Advanced 360-degree business analytics

Benefits of Attensity and Teradata working together:

  • Consolidate structured and unstructured data on a single platform 
  • Deliver greater understanding of product issues, customer interactions, plus more insight into business trends and key performance indicators
  • Leverage all the data in your data warehouse
  • Complement existing business intelligence 

Benefits of the Attensity and Aster Data working together:

  • Integration of industry leading discovery foundation with pre-built 60+ advanced map reduce and statistical functions that can be easily called within an SQL wrapper.  
  • First to market integrated industry appliance that includes both Teradata Aster and Attensity functions with the ability to manage, store, process, analyze, and visualize the data in easy to consume formats. 
  • Deliver greater understanding of product issues, customer experiences, competitive offers and other insights into macroeconomic business trends and key performance indicators. 
  • Full integration of social media data, EDW data, and other unstructured and structured data from a variety of sources in one platform. 
  • Two industry thought leaders in their respective core competencies that have come together to build a solution that empowers customers to better serve their clientele and increase market share of voice and wallet.



    Attensity Analyze

    Attensity Analyze is the next generation in customer analytics applications that help organizations leverage the voice of the customer as a business asset. Used by the world’s leading brands, Attensity Analyze sets new industry standards for accuracy, scalability and ease of use, making it possible for large enterprise organizations to analyze high volumes of customer conversations across multiple channels —including social media, emails, survey responses, text messages, CRM notes and more— and quickly extract valuable insights to drive business decisions.

    Quick Facts

    VersionTeradata Version(s)
    6.1TD 14.0

    Attensity 5 SDK

    Attensity 5 SDK, is the developer’s kit that allows customers to tailor their specific database and query needs to the Attensity 5 software package.

    Quick Facts

    VersionTeradata Version(s)
    5.1TD 12.0

    Attensity Pipeline Version

    Attensity’s large-scale social media ingestion and linguistic-based social media analytics engine, combined with Aster’s ability to store and query large amounts of data for analytics, provides business users with a platform that can be used today for everything from Social Media Analytics, Social Campaign Measurement and Competitive Intelligence, to multi-channel Voice of the Customer analytics.

    Quick Facts

    VersionTeradata Version(s)
    1.4AD 5.0
    AD 4.6.3
    AD 4.6.2