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Advanced Systems Concepts Inc. is a leader in the development of Workload Automation and Enterprise Job Scheduling solutions that simplify the integration and automation of Business and IT operational workflows that share data and manage dependencies across single or compound workflows, such as ETL, that improve resource utilization, ensure higher service levels while reducing the cost of operations.

ActiveBatch® Enterprise Job Scheduler and Workload Automation allows IT organizations to develop and rollout end to end workflows faster and more reliably than relying on custom script creation or "closed" scheduling systems. ActiveBatch supports the “Script Free” integration that includes web services, stored procedures as well as extensions for mission-critical applications such as SAP, Informatica, DataStage, Cognos, SQL Server, Oracle using events for timely initiation of these processes.


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The ActiveBatch® Extension for Teradata can be used as a native scheduler to automate the execution of Teradata tasks and easily build workflows that integrate Teradata with other disparate IT systems used in data warehousing environments. The ActiveBatch Integrated Jobs Library provides a drag-and-drop interface with reusable, production ready Job Steps which integrate a wide range of IT technologies, tasks and functions, allowing users to easily construct workflows without the need for custom scripting. Users can automate and integrate processes performed by Teradata, including database queries, starting and stopping PT jobs and loading data. The capabilities provided by the ActiveBatch Extension for Teradata allow users to more efficiently integrate and manage the key resources in their data warehousing environments for improved data quality and reporting.

ActiveBatch® Extension for Teradata

ActiveBatch® Enterprise Job Scheduling & Workload Automation allows Teradata users to easily build mixed workloads by coupling them with databases, applications, and advanced technologies for improved business process automation. Teradata users who require advanced scheduling capabilities can benefit from ActiveBatch by better managing and controlling workloads and tasks across disparate systems.

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