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    Teradata und SAS unterzeichnen Reseller-Vereinbarung
    Lösungen für Data Warehousing, Hadoop und Analytics aus einer Hand verfügbar

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    Teradata’s Customer Journey Analytic Solution Creates Behavioral Insights to Deliver a Distinct Customer Experience
    Data Science meets marketing as companies connect interactions to ensure a personalized and relevant customer journey


    Teradata Announces the World’s Most Powerful Analytic Database, Available Everywhere
    Teradata Database is easily deployed on any combination of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Teradata Managed Cloud, VMware®, and Teradata IntelliFlex™


    Teradata’s Borderless Analytics Turns Hybrid Clouds into a Single Analytic Ecosystem
    Provides seamless shifting of analytic workloads across a multi-system hybrid cloud environment


    Teradata Debuts Agile Analytics Business Consulting
    New RACE services leverage Teradata Business Value Frameworks – proven approaches and use cases that fast-track business

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  • Why You Need to Attend Teradata PARTNERS Conference 2016

    Oliver Ratzesberger, President, Teradata Labs, shares what Teradata PARTNERS Conference is all about and why you need to attend the leading data and analytics conference.

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