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Teradata Launches First Configurable Appliance for Big Data with Choice of Hadoop Distributions - 7/09/2015
Innovative data platform accelerates time to value

Women of Teradata Announce College Scholarship Winners - 7/01/2015
Two Scholars Entering Careers in Science

Teradata RainStor Enriches Analytics with Archived Data - 6/08/2015
Hadoop-based enterprise archive solution seamlessly integrates with organizations’ analytical ecosystem

Data Lakes are More Manageable and Secure with Teradata Loom - 6/08/2015
Teradata Loom enhances data lake security, speeds data access, and enables better integration with the customer’s analytical ecosystem

Teradata Launches First Enterprise Support for Presto - 6/08/2015
Makes multi-year commitment to open source query engine

Teradata Accelerates JSON Data Query Performance for Improved Business Agility - 6/01/2015
Business users can now take full advantage of additional data from web applications, sensors, and IoT-connected machines and integrate it with other business data

New Gartner Critical Capabilities Report: Teradata Receives the Highest Product Scores in All Four Use Cases for D - 5/26/2015
Evaluation based on customer feedback and vendor capabilities

Teradata Delivers World s Most Advanced Hybrid Row and Column Database - 5/07/2015
Innovations allow customers to mix and match row and column technologies at will, without the trade-offs of purely columnar databases.

Teradata Delivers Agile Anytime Anywhere Interface to Teradata Database for Web Mobile and Business Applications - 5/07/2015
With any device, a customer, supplier, mobile employee, or application can use the Teradata Database for critical data and insights.

Teradata Reports 2015 First Quarter Results - 5/07/2015
Reports revenue of $582 million