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Korean Business Leader Aekyung Group Chooses Teradata - 10/14/2008

Will implement enterprise-class business intelligence platform for analysis, reporting

Contact: Mike O'Sullivan
Telephone: (937) 242-4786

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SEOUL, Korea and LAS VEGAS — Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the world's largest company solely focused on data warehousing and enterprise analytics, today announced that Aekyung Group, a Korean business conglomerate, has selected the Teradata Data Warehouse (DW) Appliance to serve as the foundation for data warehouse-driven business intelligence. Aekyung will pool data from several databases in the new Teradata BI environment.

Aekyung is a family-owned business conglomerate that operates several subsidiaries, including Aekyung Stores, a store-based and online retail business; Jeju Airlines; and multiple manufacturing facilities. Aekyung will use the Teradata DW Appliance as a centralized intelligence repository, consolidating marketing information from a number of different databases used to support multiple business processes. With its volumes of marketing and customer data collected and integrated, the Aekyung Group will have a complete, enterprise view of the business. This in turn, will enable more effective marketing and greatly enhanced customer service as well as insight into customer activities across business units.

As a result of this implementation, data from across the Aekyung Group will be integrated, including Aekyung Department Stores, Samsung Plaza, AK Duty Free Shop and Samsung Mall (an online shopping mall). In addition, Jeju Airlines data will be also integrated into the database in the near future, the company said. Aekyung said they expect powerful new synergy across the business units as customer cross selling is enabled — and look forward to significant new business opportunities in new markets.

"The Teradata DW Appliance will provide a great foundation platform for business integration and synergy across their multiple businesses," said Con Vass, country manager for Teradata Korea. "By providing valuable data integration and management across their various systems, we will help Aekyung move into the forefront of business analytics excellence and ensure they can turn this intelligence into actions that will make a difference in the many decisions they make every day."

Vass said that the multi-structured integration in Aekyung's data warehouse will support analytical intelligence functions to subsidiaries as well as provide a single view of the overall business, which is beneficial to all users, including the governing Aekyung Group executive team.

The Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance provides a simple, easy-to-use, powerful platform for entry-level data warehousing and data marts at an attractive price. It is purpose-built and optimized for fast scans, with a minimal data center footprint, high system availability, mainframe connectivity, integrated application server and enhanced system and workload management. It scales up to 140 terabytes, and query scan rates top rivals by 150 percent. 

This means that Aekyung will get answers to their business questions at unprecedented speed. The Teradata Database 12.0 software foundation provides full features and advanced functionality for traditional analytic needs while also providing uniquely sophisticated extensions for newly emerging requirements like geospatial, in-database mining and data encryption.

"This success with Aekyung and the escalation of business intelligence as a key driver in the Korean market has underscored Teradata's strength in building the right architecture with a scalable platform that meets excellent price performance and leveraging our global experiences with local knowledge and skills to ensure we deliver quality and leading-edge, real-time analytics," said Vass.

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Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) is the world's largest company focused on raising intelligence through data warehousing and enterprise analytics. Teradata is in more than 60 countries and on the web at

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