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New Teradata and Infinian Partnership Enables the Next Level in Mobile Marketing: Relevant, Timely Customer Communications - 1/14/2008

Enterprise intelligence evolves mobile customer contact beyond mass messaging

Contact: Mike O'Sullivan, Teradata Corporation
Telephone: (937) 242-4786

NEW YORKTeradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the global leader in enterprise data warehousing, has announced a partnership with Infinian Corporation, a global leader in the development of mobile commerce solutions, that takes mobile customer communications to a new level: context-relevant personal conversations. Innovative marketers can now drive relevant and timely messages to individual customers in real time when it matters most, based on fresh intelligence facilitated by the world's highest performing data warehouses.

The Infinian software provides text-based messages and promotional bar codes (like coupons) using globally trackable and scannable 2D bar codes for offer redemption and validation in real time at the point of sale over a customer phone, personal digital assistant or other mobile device. Marketers, armed with data warehouse-driven detailed customer intelligence, can create meaningful dialogues with individual customers on mobile devices, launched by an opt-in message asking for a response and providing follow-up back to the customer. This results in an authentic conversation with timely relevance at an individual level.

"With Infinian, Teradata can help marketers communicate with individual customers anywhere, anytime with intelligent, relevant messages routed to their mobile devices — making untargeted mass marketing unnecessary," said Ed Dupee, vice president, Global Industry Solutions, Teradata. "Together, the companies provide the world's first closed-loop mobile solution driven by the depth of detailed enterprise intelligence that only Teradata can provide."

Teradata's customer management solution software, ported to the Teradata Warehouse, provides analytical intelligence to marketers, which they use to determine the most relevant message for each customer. The messages are automatically fed by Teradata software into the Infinian tool for delivery of the message to the customer's handset in real time. The combined power of enterprise intelligence and advanced mobile marketing creates immediate and powerful business opportunities for companies who are seeking to leverage mobile technologies to enhance their direct marketing efforts. New capabilities provided to marketers through the Infinian-Teradata partnership solution include these scenarios:

  • A shopper in a store receives a mobile coupon on her phone for a preferred product. She redeems the coupon at the checkout by having the mobile coupon scanned directly from her phone. The coupon is redeemed with financial reconciliation between the manufacturer and the store taking place in real time. The customer behavior is tracked and added to her data profile for future marketing communications.
  • A traveler receives an advance text message from the airline that his flight has been cancelled and that he is automatically re-booked on a later flight. He also receives a new mobile airline ticket/boarding pass with 2D bar code on his phone, which allows him to go straight to the gate. This saves the traveler time and effort on re-booking flights.
  • A casino sends a text message for a free lunch to a patron using a player's card at the slot machine because the customer isn't having the best luck. The lunch is offered as a way to help create a more positive experience at the casino. If he wants the free lunch, then he can text "yes" back on his cell phone. The hostess then approaches the patron and escorts him to a VIP line at the restaurant.

"Our partnership with Teradata fuses enterprise-class analytics into the mobile customer conversation — in real time," said Stephen O'Shea, executive vice president and co-founder, Infinian. "This is truly the emerging epicenter of marketing — dialoging with customers on their terms...where they are, with what they want, when they want it."

Teradata and Infinian are exhibiting and demonstrating their integrated solutions at the National Retail Federation Show in New York from January 13 to January 15.

About Teradata

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) is the world's largest company focused on raising intelligence through data warehousing and enterprise analytics. Teradata is in more than 60 countries and on the web at

About Infinian

Infinian Corporation is a secure mobile commerce technology company, providing mobile commerce fulfillment and advanced mobile marketing solutions. Infinian's patent-pending technologies and products deliver advanced marketing solutions that exploit and leverage the most prized and personal possession of consumers worldwide — the mobile handset. Each product is powered by Infinian's proprietary consumer behavior tracking, analysis and predictive modeling tool which creates an ultra efficient Yield Management Solution. Infinian has successfully developed and deployed mobile coupon redemption in real time into point of sale systems. Infinian is based in Westport, Connecticut: Visit for details.

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