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Chi Mei Optoelectronics Collaborates With Teradata to Drive Efficiencies in Enterprise Data Management - 5/29/2008

Integrated data across large manufacturing operation enhances visibility, efficiency

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BEIJING, ChinaTeradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the global leader in enterprise data warehousing and enterprise analytics, announced today that Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO), a leading maker of display panels and devices, has completed two phases of a three-stage deployment of its Teradata Enterprise Eata Warehouse (EDW). The enterprise-wide initiative will fully consolidate all data and shared resources to accelerate and enhance information management while significantly reducing infrastructure costs. 

CMO launched its Teradata EDW program and related solutions in 2005. The first two phases rolled out an Operation Planning System and Quality Information System on the EDW. These provide more visibility to detailed data across its Manufacturing Execution System at various facilities. The business value comes from connecting enterprise resource planning and front-end systems to improve information quality, dramatically reduce data collection time and enhance operational efficiency. 

KaKu Kuo, general director of planning and IT at CMO, said, "Before the EDW deployment, every CMO facility had its own separate reporting system. It was possible to know what's going on at the specific facility but not of much help if headquarters wished to get an enterprise view across all the facilities. CMO is a big company. You can't know the operational status and the future direction by looking at a single facility. Data integration became critical and a top strategic business priority."

Before the EDW was deployed, data analysis required data collection from different facilities — a complicated, time-consuming process. The new EDW minimizes data collection and decision making time, and hence, improves competitiveness. For example, without the EDW, it took a relatively long time to respond to a large order change as it involved huge inventory visibility and management. "With our EDW, it only takes one-third of the time to respond to huge changes," said Kuo.

The EDW saves CMO tremendous costs in both time and labor. "It took us days to deal with a quality discrepancy. With the Teradata EDW, data collection can be done in an hour or two, hence saving the engineers' time for data query. It significantly brings labor cost down, which makes EDW a very high ROI project," Kuo said. "To support decision making, our EDW consolidates data from various systems so that we have full access to data from procurement, production and operation to order fulfillment, so that we can make better and faster decisions," Kuo added.

"Greater China is an important high-tech manufacturing base and pivotal to the world manufacturing sector. We are pleased that CMO and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) among other world-class manufacturers have adopted Teradata Data Warehouse solutions. We will form a center of expertise for manufacturing in Greater China in an attempt to actively develop the manufacturing market," said Cliff Wu, vice president of Teradata Greater China Area. 

"We are committed to helping our customers derive the maximum value from data warehouse investments. We are pleased to see tangible and impressive results from the data warehousing system at CMO. We will continue to assist CMO with optimal hardware, software and consulting services during the Phase III implementation," said Allan Hu, general manager of Teradata Taiwan.

Phase III will focus on consolidation of engineering data at CMO manufacturing facilities (including TFT, CF, LCD and LCM facilities) and provision of integrated analysis tools to help engineers reduce analysis time and improve analysis quality

About Chi Mei Optoelectronics

Chi Mei Corporation established Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) in 1998. Company shares began trading on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in August of 2002. CMO is home to 17,000 employees in Taiwan, and a total of 35,000 employees worldwide (as of April 2008). Revenue of 2007 reached USD 9.9 billion. Its main products are LCD TV panels and LCD panel displays for desktop and notebook computers, delivered to IT and home electronics vendors worldwide. CMO is a global industry leader (number four) in TFT LCD manufacturing. Please visit the company website at for more details. 

About Teradata

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) is the world's largest company solely focused on raising intelligence through data warehousing and enterprise analytics. Teradata is in more than 60 countries and on the web at

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