Gain the Omni-Channel Retail Advantage

Delivering a seamless and consistent customer experience across your channels is an expectation that consumers have of retailers.  Luckily, retailers are sitting on a mountain of information about their customers, and when leveraged and applied across the business, that information can help retailers make key decisions about offers, prices, products, assortments, marketing, and operations. Teradata provides services and technology that help retailers seamlessly meet the challenges of an all-channel shopping environment. 

By enabling cross channel capabilities that deliver high value customer insight, Teradata helps retailers:

  • Deliver more effective customer personalization through data driven marketing
  • Empower stores and associates with customer insight, offers, & product availability through any type of channel
  • Optimize omni channel product forecasting and inventory management
  • Localize stores and shopping experiences based on customer segments & product affinities


“The combination of Aprimo Relationship Manager and RCM is enabling Hallmark to reach its goal of acquiring a 360-degree view of customers, while providing results reporting and analysis.”

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Meeting Your Needs

Omni Channel Retailing

Know Now with Omni-Channel Retailing

Being able to deliver an integrated omni-channel experience also means being able to respond in real time to your customers. See what retailers and experts are saying and doing with active intelligence.

Infographic: 3 Steps to Turn Your Customer Insight into Increased Omni-Channel Sales and Revenue

How to merge the digital and physical selling worlds into one compelling, seamless customer experience.

Data Driven Marketing

Executive Brief: Transforming the Retail CMO Through Data-Driven Marketing

Are you a data-driven marketer? Learn more in this executive brief that discusses the steps and requirements to fully leverage the insight and tools to become smarter about your customers so that you can make smart “data-driven” marketing decisions.

How Data is Changing the Way we Market

Data-driven marketing is all about integrating, analyzing, and optimizing the insights that you can gather about your customers and marketing efforts to be more successful in driving sales, engaging customers, and learning what worked to optimize your efforts.

Personalizing the Store in an Omni-Channel World

On-Demand Web Seminar: Learn how to best analyze rich data about customers as they engage in multiple retail channels to derive profitable insights about what consumers want and need.

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Personalizing the Store in an Omni-Channel World

Our Products & Services

Many of the industry's top retailers have partnered with Teradata to take advantage of its industry leadership. Teradata offers:


Teradata Retail Data Model

Retail-specific blueprint for enterprise business data, data relationships and business rules.

Teradata Retail Data Integration Roadmap

Visual navigational tool that models content to show data required to address a business need.

Teradata Retail Decisions

A broad set of retail analytic templates and hundreds of metrics from proven best practices to manage daily item movement by store, customer and channel.

Teradata Demand Chain Management

Gives you the ability to manage inventory and vendor relations worldwide. 

Teradata Database

Database engine with a combination of unmatched performance and efficient management.

Teradata Platform Family

Designed to support entry to enterprise-level data warehousing.



Teradata Retail Industry Consulting Services

Utilize specialized tools, techniques and retail industry experience to build successful solutions.

Teradata Project Management Services

Assist in defining retail business objectives and linking those objectives to the analytics, actions and results.


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