• Media & Entertainment

    Change The Way You Engage Your Content and Consumers

    Unlock analytic insights across the content value chain - from creation through consumption - with Teradata.

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  • Meeting your business needs

    Maximize Performance & Profitability

    An explosion of distribution channels and platforms.  Shifting release windows. Emerging business models. Growing demand in new territories.  Today, maximizing content profitability and performance is trickier than ever. Teradata solutions provide you the tools and analytics to protect and grow your content value, while optimizing the bottom line.

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    Teradata Demand Chain Management

    As distribution shifts from physical to digital media, increased sales pressure means tighter margins. Media and Entertainment companies need tools to support forecasting and revenue planning for digital media channels, while squeezing every penny from traditional lines of business. Teradata can help.

    Your Audience of One - Integrated Marketing

    Times have changed. New distribution platforms, web and social networks create opportunities to shift from mass audiences to individual connections. Connect with your audience of one through relevant, personalized content and messages – at the right time and place. Our Integrated Marketing Management solutions deliver the power to turn this revolutionary shift into competitive advantage, with end-to-end tools for your marketing creative, operations and analytics.

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    Change the Way You Engage: Big Data Analytics

    Today’s Media and Entertainment industry demands that content creators and distributors develop a new way to leverage big data to understand and connect with audiences. Learn how big data analytics can allow you to listen to, analyze and respond to your audience across every channel.

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    Teradata Content Analytics

    A proliferation of digital distribution channels is breaking down barriers between you and your audience. For every click, fast-forward or search, your viewer leaves a data-driven fingerprint. Learn how Teradata Content Analytics enables you to analyze when, where and how meaningfully consumers engage with content across the second screen.

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    Teradata Aster: Deeper Insights for Media & Entertainment

    Rapid growth of online and mobile advertising makes capturing intelligent real-time insights across multiple channels more vital than ever. Manage these complexities across the digital marketing value chain, from marketing operations, to yield management, to granular behavioral analytics with Teradata - and deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time.

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    Teradata Platform Family

    More Choices. Great Value. Competitive Edge. The Teradata Workload-Specific Platform Family fits every data warehousing need. From the Active Enterprise Data Warehouse to the Data Mart Appliance, to our software only version -  all running the Teradata Database - and, now,  the Aster MapReduce Appliance for multi-structured data, Teradata has a platform for you. 

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    Teradata Database

    As data requirements grow increasingly complex, so does your need for a faster, simpler way to manage your database. That combination of unmatched performance and efficient management is built into the foundation of the Teradata Database, delivering a low total cost of ownership, in a simple, scalable, parallel and self-managing solution.

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    Media & Entertainment Data Model

    Developing an analytic foundation to satisfy the business and technical needs across an organization can be challenging and costly. Leveraging Teradata’s predefined yet flexible Media & Entertainment Data Model lets you reach this goal quickly and effectively, reducing the risk of costly redesigns and maximizing your ROI.

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  • “Our growth is dependent on being able to analyze every sort of digital interaction – the digital data that our audience generates across our platform, across their devices and across the social web. We needed analytics and big data tools to help us do that in real-time. “ 

    Nanea Reeves

    COO, Machinima Network Excerpt from Machinima webinar


    Warner Bros. and Teradata Applications Steal the Show

    Warner Bros. Entertainment plays starring roles in the creation, production, distribution, licensing and marketing of premiere entertainment content. They are a leader in every facet of the industry, including theatrical, home entertainment and television. The $10 billion company’s strong brand makes Warner Bros. a chief marketing authority.

    With Teradata Applications, Warner Bros. quickly and easily can produce targeted reports for each of its sister companies and local box office markets. Reports that used to take weeks to generate are now created with a single mouse click. Warner Bros. can also easily compare past and present movie marketing campaigns, and can efficiently and accurately invoice its customers. The company exceeded its total ROI estimate of project payback in just 12 months.

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    Using Big Data Analytics to Understand and Reach Consumers

    The pace of change in today’s M&E industry is accelerating – with the landscape looking dramatically different than it did a few years ago. New distribution channels are creating an opportunity to take a real-time pulse on how, when and why consumers engage with content.

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