Market turbulence is directly impacting the insurance industry at a pace not seen in years. The financial crisis has spilled over into the market, depleting capital reserves, creating new alliances and reshaping the global landscape. Consumers are also dealing with the effects of the economic slow down and have been forced to adjust their buying behavior further increasing the downward pricing pressure.

Teradata can assist you in adjusting to these changes by helping you gain timely, valuable and actionable insight; providing you with transparency and better data-driven business decisions.

  • Enables you to meet key ratings agency and regulatory requirements for backtesting, auditability, transparency, and use test
  • Better to understand your businesses and financial risks
  • Effectively acquire, cross sell, and retain customers profitability
  • Evaluate and manage your sales and service channels
  • Analyze claims fraud and abuse; identify characteristics and behaviors to avoid fraudulent claim payments

"Improvements in the Teradata Customer Management solution and underlying data structures drove significant efficiency gains in Nationwide's ability to execute direct marketing campaigns."

Kathy Koontz, Director of Customer Data Management, Nationwide Insurance, Teradata Magazine Online

Meeting Your Needs

Business Intelligence

Highmark Inc: Detecting a Web of Fraud

Detect fraud quickly and efficiently by retrieving, processing and storing data.

Implementing Solvency II –Compliance or Effective Risk Management: Implement Once, Twice, or Three Times?

Insurance companies are fast approaching the time when they need to make some fundamental, long-term decisions about Solvency II and their approach to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

Benefit from Better Business Intelligence

See how to combine strategic and operational intelligence to make smarter, faster decisions and get closer to customers.

Customer Relationship Management

Teradata CRM Enhances Customer Communications at IF

Improve customer communications and increase customer loyalty.

Teradata CRM Enhances Customer Communications at IF

Learn how IF Insurance uses Teradata CRM to enhance customer communications, increase customer loyalty, and optimize the organization for continued success.

Enterprise Risk Management

A Comprehensive Approach to Enterprise Risk Information Management

Access to timely, accurate and comprehensive risk information is critical.

A New Approach to Risk: Capital Management and Enterprise Risk Management

Advances in risk management methodologies can help insurance companies succeed.


Our Products & Services

Built on a foundation of more than 30 years of expertise working with leaders in the insurance industry, we can help you understand customers, strengthen underwriting, improve customer service and comply with regulation requirements. Teradata offers:


Teradata Insurance Data Integration Roadmap

Visual planning model showing the alignment of enterprise strategic goals and objectives with the enterprise data warehouse.

Teradata Insurance Industry Data Model

Integrated, cross-functional model that supplies attributes to the business questions and analyses.

Teradata Database

Patented parallel architecture delivers industry-leading benchmark performance for your data warehouse.

Teradata Platform Family

Designed to serve different data warehousing/BI paradigms — from entry to enterprise-level.



Teradata Insurance Industry Consulting Services

Tailored to the insurance industry and includes architecture and design modeling, data warehouse migration, and analytics.

Teradata Project Management Services

Targeted with specific insurance initiatives in mind.

Teradata Availability Management Services

Minimize risk and maintain the most uptime possible for your data warehouse.


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Insuring Growth Through Analytics
Active Enterprise Intelligence drives cost reductions and membership growth for Germany's statutory health insurance providers.

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