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    Healthcare Companies Can Know More, Do More by Exploiting Big Data

    White Paper: Put Data & Analytics to Work in the Era of Healthcare Reform
  • Meeting your business needs

    Analytics Informs Healthcare Reform Strategy

    In this era of healthcare reform, creating a data and analytics-driven environment can help you improve your marketing and operations and the health of your members to give you a competitive edge.

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    Analytics for the Commercial Healthcare Industry

    Find out how industry leaders are using analytics to drive innovation and manage and control administrative and medical costs.

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    Complex Payer Analytics

    Leading companies are choosing Teradata because of our reputation, our proven and innovative database technology, and our ability to house large amounts of data and deliver consistent performance and scale at many levels.

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    The 7 Major Facets of BI: What Hospitals Need to Know

    Easily-implemented healthcare business intelligence best practices can improve financial reporting, claims analysis, clinical outcomes and patient value - as well as increase efficiency in operations, supply chain management, quality and safety of patient care and marketing.

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    Pervasive BI and Active Enterprise Intelligence

    Teradata can help you harness the power of pervasive BI, as well as handle mixed workloads, investments in R&D and emerging technologies such as RFID.

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    Next Generation Digital Marketing

    Drive marketing ROI by moving from "best-guess marketing" to truly data-driven decision-making. Find out how in a webinar series for senior digital marketing and e-commerce executives and supporting IT managers.

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    Transforming the Economics of Real-World Evidence Analytics

    Integrated environment expedites data availability, reduces costs, and extends business intelligence access throughout the organization. Read more in this white paper.

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  • “Our CEO has been a very motivated and visionary leader for helping improve the healthcare delivery system in North Carolina.”

    Susan Helm-Murtagh

    Vice-President of Information Management and Analytic Services at BCBSNC


    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

    With a Teradata enterprise data warehouse at its core, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina created a data and analytics-driven environment to improve the health of its members and provide a competitive edge in the era of healthcare reform.

    Their $5 million investment created medical expense reductions of $95 million, as well as a 55% reduction in the amount of time full-time analysts spend on work that is now automated, outsourced and enabled by business user self-service. These new analytics also led to a prior authorization program that saved $15 million. The company has also begun expanding its use of Teradata into areas that include strategic planning, network management, product design, fraud prevention and remediation.

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