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Isle of Capri Casinos is a unique and innovative player in the gaming industry. With 15 properties that offer lodging, gaming and entertainment in six states, Isle bases its competitive advantage largely on guest relationships created and enhanced by an atmosphere that anticipates guests’ needs and exceeds their expectations. Two components make this possible: a company culture focused on making every guest experience enjoyable and a data platform that enables ever deeper understanding of the clientele.

Continuously focused on new customer insights, Isle seeks to build loyalty through enhanced and timely marketing efforts. This goal was at the heart of Isle’s decision to build a robust data warehouse, complemented by leading customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI) applications. As a result, management has made database management and segmentation a core competency.

"Big data provides a great opportunity for lodging marketers to increase customer engagement and improve a traveler’s experience."

Robert Adams, CTC Senior Industry Consultant, Lodging/Hospitality,Teradata, Driving Business Advantage from Big Data Analytics in Lodging

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Customer Relationship Management

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Financial Management

Integration at The Core

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Enterprise Risk Management

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Isle of Capri Casinos, Meeting Customers Where They Live

Learn how Isle of Capri Casinos is using Teradata Relationship Manager and an EDW from Teradata to learn more about their customers. 

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Isle of Capri Casinos, Meeting Customers Where They Live

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