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The recent unprecedented change in the financial services industry means that the need to integrate and manage data is greater now than it has been ever before.  Staying fiercely competitive in today's financial services environment means dealing with constantly changing rules and regulations and evolving technology — and multitudes of customers, products and choices for distribution channels.  Managing customers, products, sales and service channels, as well as effectively managing your risk is critical to your bottom line.

High performance companies are mastering complex data and information challenges by transforming huge amounts of data into valuable enterprise business intelligence with help from Teradata. Based on our high-powered Teradata Database;we give you the power to: 

  • Focus on a holistic view and key aspects of the risk spectrum – market, credit, underwriting and operational risk providing transparency and better data-driven business decisions
  • Turn investments in regulatory compliance into strategic advantage
  • Predict customer behavior and synchronize customer interaction across multiple touch points – for better service, more effective interactions, and potential fraud prevention
  • Actively manage a customer’s portfolio to maximize profitability with reduced risk exposure

"Teradata has proven technology with significant advantages in some key areas, and greater depth and experience in providing industry knowledge and solutions."

Gary Carter, General Manager of IT Relationships and Group Data Warehouse, St.George Bank, Teradata Magazine Online

Meeting Your Needs

Customer Relationship Management

Event-Based Marketing at RBC Financial Group

Event-based marketing from Teradata provides more relevant customer communications.

Enterprise Risk Management

SAS Anti-Money Laundering for Teradata

Complete money laundering protection with full anti-money laundering compliance.

Risk Information Management for Complex Financial Products

Integrated data management technology solves enterprise risk information issues.

Financial Management

BI for Finance: Transforming the Finance Department (Part 1)

Employ business intelligence to correlate financial outcomes with business activities.

Decision Experts Extends Your Reporting, Compliance, and Financial Analysis Capabilities

Teradata Decision Experts helps you plan, analyze, and report with confidence.

Chinatrust Commercial Bank Generates 168% ROI with Teradata

Chinatrust turned to Teradata for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for its 45 million customers. The first 10 campaigns alone generated enough new business to cover all costs of the implementation twice over. Forty subsequent campaigns posted similar results.

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Chinatrust Commercial Bank Generates 168% ROI with Teradata

Our Products & Services

Teradata offers a unique suite of products and services that allows financial institutions to grow through the use of simple, yet powerful, tools.


Teradata Financial Services Logical Data Model

The only integrated data model that supports banking, capital markets and insurance.

Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse Roadmap for Financial Services

State-of-the-art visual tool used to intelligently plan the implementation of your EDW strategy.

Teradata Database

The powerful, scalable, self-managing, parallel foundation of a Teradata solution.

Teradata Platform Family

From entry-to enterprise-level, these platforms serve any size business.



Teradata Financial Services Industry Consulting Services

Teradata has more experience than any other supplier in deploying customer-centric technology solutions to top-tier financial service companies.

Teradata Project Management Services

Expedite implementation and training, and determine what data your warehouse needs to help answer your business questions, not just your technical concerns.

Teradata Availability Management Services

Minimize risk and maintain the most uptime possible for your data warehouse.


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Hear how PayPal explores new ways to use the data warehouse and delivers value to business users.

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