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    Leverage analytics to improve the customer experience, deliver new products and services, monetize infrastructure & data, and reduce costs

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    Gain new insights into customer behavior and their interaction with your services and networks.

    The typical course of action for many communications providers dealing with unhappy subscribers is to make to a proactive offer to stay… though the challenge with this is the communications provider has not identified the problem that is leading to dissatisfaction.  Essentially, the problem is never directly addressed and this is very costly over the long run.

    Internal data is available to get a view into their subscriber dissatisfaction. In fact, communications providers likely have the data to identify subscribers’ months in advance prior to churning- offering them enough time to proactively address the issue.

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    Products and Services

    Create new services and products via insight into product & service preference and usage patterns.

    The fact is communications providers are in a unique position to leverage huge volumes of very detailed subscriber information.  Everything from where they live, to locations they travel to, what they watch, where they shop, the size and value of their social network and much more. 

    When communication service providers put all their data to work, they can deliver new value and improve the customer experience.  Communications providers that are collecting and leveraging subscriber interaction data are able to unlock the value of their existing data to help reverse the trend of becoming just a ‘dumb pipe.’

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    Monetize Your Data!

    Leverage your existing infrastructure and data to create new services.

    There has been a lot of discussion among communications providers regarding the monetization of subscriber data.  Over-the-top providers and niche application providers get a free ride on the providers’ network, while communications providers continue to struggle for revenue. Now the over the top providers are not only monetizing their services, they are also monetizing the analytics.

    The real value is in the analytics.

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    Optimize spend and investments without sacrificing functionality.

    Despite offering new plans and services, Communication Service Providers are still under tremendous pressure to improve OPEX and CAPEX performance to help improve the balance sheet.  Discovering new area’s for improvement requires an integrated view of your infrastructure and organization to uncover new opportunities, such as identifying assets that are underutilized, optimizing interconnect, gaining a unified network and OSS/BSS view, and opportunities to consolidate data marts. These are just a few examples!

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    Improved Intelligence for Communications Service Providers

    What if your frontline people like sales clerks at your retail stores, contact service reps at the care center and systems including your website and your mobile sites could be completely up-to-date for each and every customer interaction? 

    That's what analytics is all about. Leveraging big data and next generation analytics to KNOW MORE and DO MORE.

    Teradata Communications LDM represents enterprise data, data relationships, topic areas and business rules and can help you define how different types of data relate to each other. The LDM works in conjunction with Teradata Communications Data Integration Warehouse Roadmap (DIR) in planning and identifying the next most valuable data to source in perspective with your corporate goals and strategies.


    The Teradata Communications Data Integration Warehouse Roadmap (DIR) is a visual reference model that shows you how you can support your strategic business values and decisions based on a foundation of integrated data. Combined with the Communications Logical Data Model, it provides value by ensuring a business-driven perspective to data warehouse design and usage. The DIR forges linkage from the highest strategic levels of your company down to the basic business information as captured in day-to-day operational data.


    A single architecture that leverage both traditional transactional data and big data, the Teradata Unified Data Architecture leverages the complementary value of best-in-class technologies from Teradata, Teradata Aster, and open source Apache™ Hadoop, to enable business users to ask any question, against any data, with any analytic, at any time.

  • "There is huge potential in real-time, continuously available data.   We are instantly able to understand what the customer is doing and what the customer wants us to offer him so we can create the right campaign at the right time for the right customer. It gives us a huge competitive advantage."

    Ivan Janovskij

    Head of Scoring and Segmentation Department at Telefonica O2 Czech Republic


    Telefonica Czech: Microtargeting and Monetizing equals Innovation
    Telefonica Czech is unlocking the value of their existing data with next generation analytics. Microtargeting customers increases close rates up to 200% in competitive Czech mobile market, while innovative uses of geospatial data increase traffic to retails stores.
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