• Enterprise Data Warehousing

    Get a 360-degree view of your business & your customers

    Drive sales, reduce risk, manage regulatory compliance, streamline logistics, boost productivity and more

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    Get a 360-degree View of Your Business & Customers

    A Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse gives leaders in every industry a fresh, big-picture perspective. With a 360-degree view of your business, everyone in your organization can gain valuable insight on your customers, supply chain, and financial and performance management - from the boardroom to the call center to the loading dock. 

    Blurr of Innovation

    Faster Decision Support & Business Intelligence

    Get more out of your data by pushing the limits of the types of analytics you can achieve. Experience ultra-fast performance, greater concurrency and scalability that will grow with you.

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    Industry-leading Teradata Database

    Implement a variety of applications and serve tens to hundreds of current users. Take advantage of uniquely powerful in-database analytic capabilities, such as geospatial, R and columnar. Nobody else delivers the flexibility, perfomrance and ease of use Teradata 14 offers.

    Teradata Database

    More Experienced Data Warehousing Consultants

    Not only is our force of Professional Services Consultants the largest in the data warehousing industry, they're also the most experienced. With over 2000 data warehouse implementations in some of the world's leading companies and a 30-year track record of success, the best minds in data warehousing are a mouseclick or phone call away.

    Teradata Services

    Our Partners

    Teradata partners and integrates with leading business intelligence companies such as SAS, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and Microstrategy. We rely on our world-class partners to deliver key solutions, including data acquisition and integration services from AbInitio, Attunity, GoldenGate, Hummingbird, IBM, Informatica and more.

    Teradata Partners

    Choose from a Family of Data Warehouse Platforms

    Teradata provides a complete family of purpose-built platforms that address a full spectrum of needs -from entry to enterprise level - all designed to work with the proven power of the Teradata High Performance Database engine. Watch this video and meet our family.

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    Award-winning support to Minimize Downtime

    Your Enterprise Data Warehouse is backed by Teradata's world-class service and support - delivering dependability, performance and peace of mind.

    Teradata at Your Service

    High-performance Technology

    Teradata's modular design and architecture provides specific system functions that can be independently evolved without impact to the rest of your system.

    Technical Overview


    The Teradata system expands incrementally from one to more than 4,096 nodes, accommodates user data space from six terabytes to 92 petabytes, and features massively parallel processing architecture.

    Start Small - Think Large


    The Teradata system features unique clique architecture with automatic node failover and Hot Standby node for optimum availability and full performance continuity. The Teradata system also contains redundant hardware components minimizing the impact of component or module failures.

  • "Real-time BI is critical to the accomplishment of our business strategy and has created significant business benefits."

    Larry Kellner

    President, Continental Airlines


    Teradata keeps Continental airborne

    Continental continually alters its models and analyzes new ways to better serve its 30 million passengers – with decision making analytics and by keeping information flowing into and out of its Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse at real-time or near-real-time speed. With this new business intelligence capability, real-time data is used for tactical decision making and on-the-spot decisions in five critical areas:

    • Customer Management
    • Revenue Management
    • Flight Information
    • Revenue Accounting
    • Fraud Detect

    With real-time updates to its Teradata Database, Continental can easily update seat inventory by booking class as seats are sold, enabling it to keep planes full while maximizing revenue per passenger. Continental also uses this information to ensure its best customers receive upgrades when available and manage rerouting when connections are missed.


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