Teradata Extreme Data Appliance e-Tutorial

Duration: interactive

Savvy companies realize that with the right technology, they can finally gain real business value from analyzing those enormous amounts of behavioral or process data. That’s why Teradata Corporation, has built the Teradata® Extreme Data Appliance 1650 for a specific purpose: to provide you with a complete, integrated information resource to analyze massive amounts of deep data. 

Active Enterprise Intelligence for Airlines

Duration: 08:00
Active Data Warehousing enables business advantage.

Active Enterprise Intelligence for Call Centers

Duration: 04:30
Dial up sharper insights, deeper analysis, right-time data and intelligence. 

Active Enterprise Intelligence

Duration: 02:30
Active Data Warehousing enables business advantage. 

Active Enterprise Intelligence for Financial Services Exclusive

Duration: 06:45
Make real-time, right-time and on-time operational decisions.

Benefit from Better Business Intelligence

Duration: 03:00
Learn why the world's leading companies use Active Enterprise Intelligence.

Demand Chain Management

Duration: 04:00
Discover how retailers improve forecast accuracy and supply and demand chain visibility. 

Teradata Decision Experts – Domain Overview

Duration: 05:20
Leverage cross-domain insight to overcome barriers between finance and operations.

Teradata Decision Experts – Solution Overview

Duration: 04:30
Extend your reporting, compliance and financial analysis capabilities.

Teradata Decision Experts – User Point of View

Duration: Interactive
Discover key features and functional areas.

Master Data Management – Better Data … Better Decisions

Duration: 04:00
Why industry-leading companies turn to Teradata to ensure data quality and integrity.

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