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Since Teradata’s inception, we have been taking data and workload off of IBM’s DB2 products. Early Teradata successes came not from migrating IBM data warehouses to Teradata but by taking an IBM database system that had been unsuccessfully forced into a decision support role and creating a true data warehouse by putting the data and processes on a system designed specifically for decision support, Teradata. Over the years, IBM had made changes to the DB2 database products, attempting to retrofit decision support functionality onto DB2, but still falling short.

Over the years, Teradata has successfully migrated over 100+ DB2 customers, on all versions of DB2 – DB2 OS 390, DB2 AS400 and DB2 Windows/Unix/Linux Teradata, and in that process we have developed a proven methodology as well as tools to rapidly and painlessly migrate existing IBM DB2 customers to Teradata.

"Before implementing Teradata Priority Scheduler, we did miss timeliness SLAs on a particular workday on occasion, Since implementing it, we haven't missed an SLA with respect to data timeliness. The overall performance of queries better meets customer expectations."

Sullivan B. McConnell, vice president of business intelligence,Travelers

Features and Benefits

Teradata customers can:

  • Keep detailed data in a single centralized repository -direct access by thousands of users .
  • Integrate data from multiple channels and functional areas, using one logical data model.
  • Scale linearly along multiple dimensions, -data volumes, data complexity, query complexity, and numbers of users.
  • Have strategic and tactical workloads running on the same system at the same time.
  • Excellent response time to unplanned ad-hoc queries without time-consuming physical data modeling and SQL tuning.
  • Know their system is available with Teradata’s pre-configured out of the box high availability features.
  • Manage a continually growing analytical environment with a small number of resources.

Cabela's hits pay dirt with its analytic sandbox

With the a Teradata system Cabela's is asking and answering questions today about their business strategies that previously would of been impossible. The Teradata system and SAS analytical tools have helped the company to be more responsive and agile.

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Next Steps

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