• Teradata Data Mart Appliance

    Amazing Bang for the Buck

    This low cost data warehouse provides all the analytic capabilities of the Teradata Database in a versatile, low cost platform.

  • Meeting your business needs

    Faster, Better Decision Support & Business Intelligence

    Get more out of your data by pushing the limits of your data analytics with all the functionality, dependability and high performance you expect with a Teradata solution.

    Teradata Data Mart Appliance 670

    Everything You Need to Start Generating Value

    The Teradata Data Mart Appliance is the ideal entry point for those starting on the enterprise data warehouse (EDW) path supporting the full range of strategic and operational workloads.

    How Performance Affects Business Value

    Dependability and Growth for Your Business

    Along outstanding availability and serviceability on the Data Mart Appliance, you can seamlessly grow into more powerful Teradata platforms.

    Industry-leading Teradata 14 Database

    Implement a variety of applications and serve tens to hundreds of current users. Take advantage of uniquely powerful in-database analytic capabilities, such as geospatial, R and columnar. Nobody else delivers the flexibility, perfomrance and ease of use Teradata 14 offers.

    Teradata Database

    Hybrid technologies optimize resources for your critical hot data

    Optional Hybrid Storage technology provides higher query throughput along with faster, more consistent query response times to boost business value by allowing more real-time users, faster response to events, and more complex analytics.

    Meet Wide Range of Needs

    Not only ideal for entry-level production data warehousing, the Teradata Data Mart Appliance also meets the nees for departmental data marts and test and development systems as well.

    High performance processing power

    The Data Mart Appliance features the eight core Intel® Xeon® Processor along with up to 256GB of main memory. Teradata’s parallel architecture best leverages the processor and large memeory to gain maximum data warehouse performance.

    Teradata Data Mart Appliance 670

    Fully Integrated & Flexible

    A fully integrated system with a Teradata node, storage, and the Teradata Database,the Data Mart Appliance meets a range of needs with both a hybrid storage (SSD and HDD drives with Terdata Virtual Storage management) model and a HDD-only storage based model.

    Enterprise level manageability

    Features simplified platform administration, control, and monitoring through the single operational view of Teradata Server Management and Teradata Viewpoint. In additioin the industry leading workload management of Teradata Active System Management is available.

    Teradata Viewpoint
  • "What impressed me most about Teradata was that they were actually delivering a solution for us. … They wanted to solve a business problem for us and gain us advantage."

    Brett Hart

    Application Manager, API Pharmacy Division


    Prescription for Timely BI

    Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Limited (API) is one of Australia’s leading health and beauty companies. API’s pharmacy business provides wholesale distribution, business and marketing services to community pharmacies across Australia. API needed accurate, timely inventory and sales data to meet its service and compliance requirements. Yet performance of the former data warehouse, part of an ERP software implementation, was less than optimal. 

    After deploying a Teradata Data Mart Appliance, and with the help of consultants from Teradata Professional Services, API now has accurate, current sales and inventory data in near real time.


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