Teradata Workload-Specific Platforms

More Choices. Great Value. Competitive Edge.

Teradata Workload-Specific Platforms are expanding to fit all of your data warehousing, data discovery, and data staging needs. The Teradata Platform Family, all running the Teradata Database, includes the Active Enterprise Data Warehouse, the Data Warehouse Appliance, the Data Mart Appliance, Teradata IntelliFlex™, and the Integrated Big Data Platform. For multi-structured data discovery and data staging, we offer the Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance and the Teradata Appliance for Hadoop.

Engineered from their inception to deliver a range of analytic solutions for business intelligence problems faced by enterprises large and small, the platform family pushes the boundaries of performance, data capacity and ease of use to levels beyond anything in the data warehouse market.

Each Teradata Platform comes ready to run for a distinct need, from basic reporting and analysis to active data warehousing with full Active Enterprise Intelligence capability. So no matter where you are today, your investment in Teradata will provide immediate value along with the flexibility that protects it for the future.

Teradata Workload-Specific Platforms

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