Continental Airlines

Teradata and Continental Airlines: Staying Airborne

In the hypercompetitive airline industry, the ability to differentiate your company from the competition is paramount. Differentiating your customers in terms of their value to the company is equally important. Continental Airlines shows that 30 million passengers' information flowing into and out of a Teradata Database at real-time and near-real-time speeds can be the most effective differentiator of all.

"Real-time BI is critical to the accomplishment of our business strategy and has created significant business benefits."

Larry Kellner, President, 2007

Continental Airlines initially developed its enterprise data warehouse from Teradata to consolidate marketing and operations databases. But it quickly discovered that the business opportunities far outweighed the initial cost savings generated by the consolidation.

Using strategic and tactical decision making analytics, Continental's EDW helps the airline continually alter its models and analyze ways in which the business might be positively changed. Every day, employees study potential cost-cutting and revenue opportunities. Everything is questioned. Business analytics helps management dig into regional numbers, country numbers and individual flights to pinpoint successes and problem areas. Action can be taken immediately, ensuring maximum profitability and smooth operations.

With this new business intelligence capability from Continental’s EDW, real-time data is used for tactical decision making and on-the-spot decisions in five critical areas:

  • Customer Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Flight Information
  • Revenue Accounting
  • Fraud Detection

With real-time updates to its Teradata Database, Continental has developed an intricate revenue management system that updates seat inventory by booking class as seats are sold, enabling it to keep planes full while maximizing revenue per passenger. This information also helps Continental ensure its best customers receive upgrades when available and manage rerouting when connections are missed.


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Continental Airlines: Success at All Altitudes.
Now Continental has the ability to track real-time data on 27 million customers, adjust flight and overbooking models quickly, and use business intelligence to build relationships with its highest-value customers - with the help of Teradata.

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