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Find out how industry leaders including Norfolk Southern and ABM-AMRO activated the web channel for deeper insights, resulting in wider use of their database investment while fostering better, more consistent customer experiences.

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"Overall, I think our Teradata Warehouse and using our active data has really had a very positive impact on Norfolk Southern. It’s helped us to reduce our costs, which is very important to all businesses, and it’s greatly increased our customer satisfaction since they’re able to get the data they want when they want it."

Linda Richardson, Database Analyst, Norfolk Southern, Podcast, 2008

Norfolk Southern is one of the largest railroads in the U.S. with over 21,800 miles of track. To achieve a breakthrough in the level of information provided to customers, Norfolk Southern made the transition from a traditional data warehouse to a Teradata active data warehouse (ADW)from Teradata where data is updated in near real time. The move allows Norfolk Southern to offer customers 24x7 online access to their rail accounts. Since implementing Teradata:

  • 1,500-plus customers regularly access their shipping information.
  • Calls to the customer service center are down 35% over the past year.
  • 1,000 Norfolk Southern employees query the data warehouse regularly for data to make better-informed decisions.

Today Norfolk Southern uses their ADW for marketing, locomotive management, car sales tracking and crew management. The result? Millions of dollars saved and increased customer satisfaction.


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Norfolk Southern Uses ADW for Superior Customer Satisfaction and ROI.
Hear why one of the four major railroads in the U.S relies on Teradata technology to successfully meet a variety of challenges, including getting customers' rail cars to their locations on time within service level agreements and providing a high level of customer satisfaction that leads to repeat business.

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