Teradata and PING: Driving Success in the Golf Market

PING credits Teradata for its ability to rapidly customize and ship clubs. Using the Teradata platform, PING created a real-time production scheduling engine that guides the order and manufacturing process from start to finish. And because of Teradata's reliability, PING was able to transform its production and delivery timeline in just a few months.


"Combining Teradata services, active data warehousing, and scalable software and hardware gives us the tools we need to keep PING on top of the leader board."

Kent Crossland, Information Services Director, PING, 2006

Since 1990, PING Inc. has relied on its enterprise data warehouse from Teradata to manage its manufacturing and sales operations. PING's production people can query their active data warehouse to determine which orders are pending and what components are available to fill those orders.

That, along with streamlined production and assembly operations, enabled PING to reduce order fulfillment from six weeks to just 48 hours. The company has also developed a database with nearly 20 years of customer data, serial numbers and club specifications.

PING’s speedy delivery may be the most visible result of its pioneering use of a Teradata solution, but it’s certainly not the only one. Thanks to Teradata, the company can:

  • Bring new products to market in nine months, instead of two years
  • Gather and store nearly 20 years of customer data
  • Manage a database of 12 million serial numbers and their related club specifications
  • Scan inventory to aggregate available heads into matching, customized sets based on projected swing weights

"There is no one else that does business quite the way we do in our industry, and we couldn't do it without Teradata," says Kent Crossland, PING's Information Services Director.


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