NCR's enterprise data warehouse from Teradatainitiative was critical to the company's successful transformation from a primarily hardware-focused and country-centric organizational model to an integrated, solution-oriented business structure with a global focus. What's more, it would be vital to the successful deployment of a new worldwide, single-instance, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system planned for several years later.

The results have already been superb:

  • Financial close cycle was reduced from 14 days to six
  • Worldwide reporting integrity standards were established
  • $10 million in annual savings in inventory carrying costs
  • $200 million sustainable reduction in accounts receivable
  • $50 million reduction in annual finance costs
  • $22 million cost savings over the first five years

Not only has NCR’s EDW project proven to be more than self-funding at the project cost level, but revenue generation is around the corner.


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Learn how NCR saved millions in inventory-carrying costs, accounts receivable, finance costs and more after implementing an enterprise data warehouse from Teradata.

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