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Teradata and Nationwide: Bridging the Gap between Business and IT

Improvements in the Teradata Customer Management solution and underlying data structures drove significant efficiency gains in Nationwide's ability to execute direct marketing campaigns. In one year, the number of customer communication programs almost doubled, and outbound customer contacts more than doubled but did not require the addition of any staff.


"Nationwide's implementation of an enterprise data warehouse has unleashed a profound business impact across all aspects of its operations."

DM Review, from article on Nationwide winning, 2007

Nationwide Insurance is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world with more than $160 billion in statutory assets. Nationwide provides a full range of products and financial services, including life, property and auto insurance.


Nationwide's enterprise data warehouse from Teradata has had a profound business impact across all aspects of its operations, enabling Nationwide to achieve control and insight into complex financial information through a data-integrated platform that consolidates data from 200 sources into a single system.

Nationwide's Teradata solution and Master Data Management System were developed as integrated solutions to ensure one common, accurate set of information for regulatory and management reporting, as well as query capability.


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Nationwide® Mutual Insurance Company: Delivering an On Your Side® Experience
With an EDW from Teradata, Nationwide supports a number of business intelligence and reporting applications, Nationwide can view its customers, its agents and its financial performance from every angle while ensuring that the underlying data is consistent, connected and controlled.

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