WESCO Saved Millions By Choosing Teradata Over ERP

Using the Teradata solution as backbone, WESCO has constructed a number of applications more often associated with ERP suites: Teradata investment of $10 million – compared to $110 million industry-norm price tag for ERP system 4 million savings in the first 24 months, plus an additional $1 million in annual savings $8 million one-time gain through inventory reduction and better distribution of inventory among branches


Before WESCO implemented an enterprise data warehouse from Teradata, its decentralized data management systems – which included underpowered Informix and Oracle data warehouses – severely limited data analysis, local decision making, corporate visibility and oversight. With Teradata, WESCO reports:

  • Localized sales increases of up to 70%
  • Company growth of nearly 18% per quarter
  • Sales analysis is down to 75 minutes from 28 hours
  • Invoice detail loading has been reduced from 12 hours to 35 minutes
  • Month-end data load cycle takes less than two days rather than the previous six
  • Backup times reduced by 70%
  • Supplier analysis now includes all 24,000 instead of just the top 150

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