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Teradata has developed industry-specific Enterprise Data Warehouse Roadmaps to align business strategy and analytics. These tools provide a best-practice approach that leverages one of the most stable aspects of the business environment the data as represented by the enterprise data model.

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"Teradata Professional Services brought their data warehouse architecture leadership experience, strong data models and strong designs. They worked very closely with us to review those models and designs, hardware and infrastructure choices."

Terry Johnson, Technology Manager for Internet Services Development, Wells Fargo, Teradata Magazine Online, 2006

Wells Fargo & Co., a global provider of financial services, is a pioneer in data warehousing and also a leader in offering Internet-based financial services. Technology at Wells Fargo took a leap forward in 2005 when the company launched My Spending Report, which uses the resources of an enterprise data warehouse from Teradata to provide an online tool that collects and summarizes a customer's transactions from credit card and debit card to checking account and online bill payments. The reports, available for analysis during online banking sessions, give customers a 360-degree view of their finances, from managing payments to analyzing spending patterns.


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Internationally recognized author, speaker and consultant Jill Dyche explains how the "data supply chain" transforms your enterprise data into a high-value asset for generating greater productivity and higher profits.

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