Teradata and DnB NOR: Blazing Trails in Event-Based Marketing

Event-based marketing (EBM) was pioneered by banks such as the National Australia Bank (NAB) and the Union Bank of Norway (now part of the DnB NOR Group). These early adopters of EBM achieved very substantial increases in marketing effectiveness as a result.


DnB NOR, Norway's largest financial services group, relies on an enterprise data warehouse from Teradata for a single integrated view, providing consistency and accuracy throughout management's multiple views of its business.

DnB NOR has extended the capacity and business value of its Teradata system by implementing Teradata Value Analyzer. TVA is advanced analytical software that provides detailed enterprise profitability reporting and analysis for enhanced value-based decision making. DnB NOR sources report that TVA has improved the bank's ongoing customer relationship initiatives and has guided management decisions to maximize customer value.

By leveraging information across a broad spectrum of business dimensions, including customer services, marketing, operations and profitability data, DnB NOR is offering personalized services and products to its more than 2 million customers.


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Teradata Value Analyzer.
Discover why DnB NOR relies on its Teradata system and Teradata Value Analyzer for detailed profitability reporting and analysis to serve more than 2 million customers.

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