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With experts and customized solutions in a variety of industries, Teradata can help you implement specialized data and information systems specific to your organization.

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						Customer Profiles by Industry

Financial Services

Royal Bank of Canada
Teradata gives RBC a better and more profitable understanding of their customers.

Standard Chartered First Bank Korea
Standard Chartered First Bank Korea (SCFB) shifts from a product-centric to a customer-centric business model – and streamlined the process with Aprimo Relationship Manager.

Find out how a Data Warehouse from Teradata turned out to be the winning bid for PayPal.

Bank Hapoalim
Bank Hapoalim first implemented its Enterprise Data Warehouse from Teradata in 1997 with a focus on optimizing customer relations to improve marketing.



Charming Shoppes
The Enterprise Data Warehouse from Teradata helped support financial turnaround from red ink to a net income of $19.3 million.

Teradata helps Hallmark consolidate their data and transfer knowledge effectively.

JD Williams
By expanding its customer knowledge to feature a real-time behavioral view, JD Williams has gained valuable new understanding of customer browsing behavior.

Lund Food Holdings
An Enterprise Data Warehouse from Teradata helps Lund put BI in the bag.


Hospitality and Gaming

Ruby Tuesday
According to Ruby Tuesday CIO Nick Ibrahim, you need to feed your business the right metrics to avoid mistakes down the line.

IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group)
Teradata enabled IHG to address its immediate need for more detailed and comprehensive sales and marketing information.

Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc.
Teradata provides support analysis for 40 million customer accounts.

Anschutz Entertainment Group
AEG selected Teradata to consolidate customer information and improve analytical capabilities.



Vodafone New Zealand
Vodafone creates more relevant campaigns with targeted messaging.

Warner Home Video
A Teradata Warehouse solution makes a show-stopping difference at Warner Home Video.

Verizon Wireless hears subscribers loud and clear with Teradata.

Meredith Corporation
Teradata helps handle the nation's largest domestic database of 85 million names.


Media and Entertainment

Network Solutions
Teradata helps improve customer lifecycle and relationship management.

Meredith Corporation
Teradata helps handle the nation's largest domestic database of 85 million names.

Warner Home Video
A Teradata Warehouse solution makes a show-stopping difference at Warner Home Video.

Machinima Rides Analytics to Become the Most Popular Network on YouTube
Machinima creates real time narratives within games and has launched to the top of YouTube’s most popular channels and networks, and claims more than 260+ million monthly unique users.



BKK Insurance Companies
BKK relies on Teradata to decrease costs and help insure more than 14 million customers.

Nationwide Insurance
With Teradata on their side. consolidating data from 200 sources into a single system is easy.

Corona Direct
Teradata delivers strategic analysis to back-office decision makers and frontline users.

CSS Versicherung
A Teradata Warehouse helps Swiss health insurer process 8 million claims annually.


Healthcare / Life Sciences

Teradata helped Highmark recover millions in fraudulent payments.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Teradata Warehouse analytics and decision support reduce hundreds of millions in losses.


Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Discover how WESCO charged up their system with Teradata technology.

Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company
Teradata helps trains run in real time.

Union Pacific
Union Pacific is on the fast track with Active Data Warehousing.

China Post
Track-and-trace system handles 800,000 pieces of mail per day.



Airlines Reporting Corporation
ARC improved accuracy and reduced fraud and operating costs.

British Airways
Teradata Customer Relationship Management sends customer loyalty soaring.

SABRE gains a crystal-clear, single view of their business with a Teradata Warehouse.

Continental Airlines
Teradata helps Continental Airlines track real-time data on 27 million customers.



PING helps customers all over the world improve their game with a Teradata Warehouse.

Western Digital
Western Digital's Teradata solution provides a dramatic reduction in time to value and a noticeable boost in performance to users.

Xcel Energy
The power of integrated data generated impressive and immediate return on investment (ROI) at Xcel Energy.

Teradata enables Volvo to shrink response times while extending access to 300 users across four departments.



Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)
Navy analysts use near real-time data for decisions, instead of data that's 30 days old.

Defense Commissary Agency
DeCA uses Teradata to upgrade its level of customer satisfaction and service.

Spain’s Dirección General de Tráfico
DGT now has access to real-time insight within a central intelligence system that integrates data from different operational systems on a continuous basis.

State of Missouri
Teradata helped recover millions from noncompliant tax filers.