Teradata Community Relations

Community Relations

It's no secret that the people of Teradata make our company great. Their commitment to excellence extends far beyond the boundaries of their jobs and includes improving the quality of life in their communities and worldwide.

Volunteering unleashes the power of the human spirit, fuels individual passions, develops employee skills, facilitates teamwork and strengthens the bonds between our company and the communities where we live and do business.

Teradata Cares is a program designed to build strong and vibrant communities, improve quality of life and make a positive difference where we live and work. By working together, we can build a better world.

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“The people of Teradata are the driving force behind all of our volunteer activities, and your dedication allows us to support our communities. Our commitment to our customers – to drive value from data – is reflected in our strategic giving focus on data philanthropy – to use the power of data for public good. We are proud of this new direction, and excited about the opportunities to do more with data to strengthen our communities and the world at large.”

Mike Koehler, President and CEO

Strategic Giving

Teradata Cares is proud to announce a new strategic giving focus for our company. Because our corporate emphasis is on data analytics – through platforms, applications and services – we are committed to helping our customers drive results through data. Our new corporate focus, therefore, aligns our core mission and capabilities with Data Philanthropy - using data to understand and help the world’s citizens for public good.

What does ‘doing good with data’ mean? The media has been rife lately with broadcasts about how companies are using data – big data and data analytics – to optimize their businesses and drive a competitive edge. Non-profit organizations, on the other hand, often lack the funding or capacity to exploit the volumes or new forms of data that are readily at hand – from smart phones, sensors, social networks, and more. They can’t afford specialized data scientists who are experts at evaluating and analyzing data. And this is where Teradata believes it can help.

To help further this cause, we have identified a partner: DataKind. DataKind is a non-profit organization that brings together volunteer data scientists with high-impact social organizations, civil society groups, or NGOs to explore the power of using data to better serve humanity. Visit DataKind US or DataKind UK to find out more.

Teradata... Doing Good With Data, in London!

Teradata sponsors its first DataDive in London. Check out the video here.

Employee Engagement

Teradata Cares creates opportunities for employees to engage with their local communities in three key areas:

  • Improving education to help tomorrow's technologists and business leaders understand the possibilities that technology provides
  • Strengthening neighborhoods and communities
  • Helping the environment and supporting corporate sustainability

Teradata provides employees four days a year during normal work hours to volunteer and give back supporting local charities, helping the environment and supporting disaster relief.

August 2008 Environmental Campaign

In addition, local Community Cares Champions can be found all over the world. These individuals plan and organize Teradata Cares programs in their local communities.

Established Teradata Cares programs include: 

Matching Gift Program for employees
Community Service Grants designed for group volunteer projects 
Teradata Cares for the Earth focusing on environmental conservation and awareness
Annual Days of Caring encouraging all employees to volunteer and give back each August
Celebration of Caring Awards recognizing excellence in employee volunteerism 
Scholarship Programs for children of Teradata employees around the world

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Contact Teradata for more information about Teradata Cares.

Teradata will not illegally discriminate in its selection and prioritization of the programs and the organizations that it chooses to support, but it reserves, on a nondiscriminatory basis, the right not to support or fund any particular programs and organizations and the right to place conditions on the use of Teradata grant funds solely at Teradata's discretion. Teradata reserves the right to interpret and administer the Community Relations program, and may suspend, amend or discontinue the program at any time.