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  • Teradata Certification Policies - Security & Privacy Agreements

    The Teradata Certified Professional Program (TCPP) security and privacy statements and initiatives are conveniently published for your review prior to scheduling Teradata Certification Exams. The policies protect the integrity of Teradata’s intellectual property and the value of Teradata Certifications you’ve earned.


    Please read the information in each section listed. Lack of awareness regarding TCPP security policies will not serve as justification for security policy violations or subsequent appeals. All policies, unless specifically noted, apply to all certification tracks.

    TCPP Statement of Program Security

    At Teradata, we take enormous pride in our Certification Program. Since 1999, the Teradata Certified Professional Program (TCPP) has been certifying Customers, Partners, Consultants, and internal Teradata employees on Teradata technology.

    Teradata invests a great deal of time, money, and resources in the Certification Program, including marketing, program implementation, customer services, and by providing some of the best Teradata experts for new exam development. Our goal is to provide a high quality, high value Certification that is meaningful to both employers and employees and that validates and recognizes Teradata knowledge and skills needed to maximize the power of Teradata technology.

    Teradata is committed to maintaining the value and integrity of every Teradata Certification granted through our program. Any behavior which could undermine the value and integrity of the Teradata Certified Professional Program certification process will not be tolerated.

    These are some of the ways in which Teradata monitors and ensures program integrity, keeping your investment in our program secure:

    1. Worldwide Test Center monitoring (ID verification, digital photo and digital signature capture, check in/out procedures, video monitoring etc.).
    2. Test Center Secret Shopping to ensure Pearson VUE testing centers adhere to all security protocols.
    3. Web patrolling to determine whether Teradata exam content is being discussed, illegally traded or sold on the Internet, and acting swiftly and definitively to remove all such content.
    4. Enforcement of the retake policy to ensure Candidates have taken the appropriate amount of time to study between exam administrations and to further protect the exposure of Teradata’s intellectual property.
    5. Requiring every Candidate read, agree, and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement before starting any Teradata exam.
    6. Requiring every individual working with Teradata Certification content to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
    7. Utilizing data forensics to monitor testing centers and individual exam results.

    The TCPP staff appreciates your commitment to and investment in achieving Teradata certifications.

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    Candidate Agreement

    The Teradata Certification Candidate Agreement is the legal contract between you and Teradata regarding Teradata certification, including NDA clauses. All Candidates must agree to the Candidate Agreement prior to beginning any Teradata Certification Exam. We highly recommend that you review the applicable TCPP Candidate Agreement PRIOR to your test date:

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    Privacy Policy

    Privacy of your test results and demographic information is referenced in the Teradata Candidate Agreements.

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    Security Policy

    The Teradata Certified Professional Program (TCPP) has implemented security policies to protect your investment in our program, the value of Certifications earned, and the integrity of Teradata’s intellectual property (IP). Security violations could result in exam score invalidation and, in some cases, program bans. Please review the following security information to ensure compliance with TCPP’s security protocols.

    The following are considered TCPP security violations:

    • Taking unauthorized materials into the testing center
    • Violating the Teradata Certified Professional Program Candidate Agreement, including Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) clauses, in any way
    • Violating Teradata’s retake policy
    • Soliciting assistance with exam questions and/or answers from others (including Test Center staff) before, during, or after an exam
    • Disclosing the Teradata Certification Program intellectual property (IP) in any way
    • Misrepresenting Exam Results, Certificates; utilizing logos in unauthorized ways
    • Falsifying your identity
    • Hiring or otherwise engaging others to take an exam on your behalf
    • Discussing exam content with others in any written or verbal way
    • Using unauthorized materials in an attempt to satisfy Certification requirements, including but not limited to any materials that claim to be "actual exam questions," "guaranteed to pass," brain dumps, etc.
    • Requesting, obtaining, purchasing, selling, and/or providing unauthorized exam materials
    • Violating Pearson VUE’s Exam Agreement in any way

    Any individual or combination of violations above could result in the invalidation or revocation of your Certification and/or a ban from the program. Please note: Teradata does not refund exam fees for invalidated exams, revoked Certifications, etc.

    Teradata utilizes data forensics to monitor testing centers and individual exam results. Data forensics is the statistical analysis of exam data. Statistical evidence is used to corroborate evidence of anomalous test results. Teradata reserves the right to request that a Candidate retake an exam, at Teradata’s expense and selected test center, due to indeterminate exam results.

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    Exam Sequencing Policy

    Teradata Certification exams required to achieve your certification goal needs to be passed in sequential order as defined on the certification required exam page.
    Taking exams out of order is a violation of the TCPP Security Policy and will delay processing of exam results and may result in score invalidation.

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    Re-Take Policy

    To avoid re-take violations, please follow Teradata Exam Re-Take policies as outlined here:

    • Teradata 14 Exams TE0-141 through TE0-146: Re-taking a failed Teradata 14 exam will be allowed after a 21 calendar day waiting period.
      • The 21 calendar day waiting period begins from the date of the failed exam attempt.
      • You will be required to schedule a new appointment and pay for the exam.
      • You may attempt an exam a maximum of three (3) times during a six (6) month period.
      • Re-taking the same Teradata 14 exam after passing that exam will not be allowed.
    • Teradata 14 Re-take Policy for the restricted access certification exams (TE0-14B & TE0-147) differs from the re-take policy for the six core Teradata 14 exams(TE0-141 through TE0-146).
      • The Teradata 14 Bridge from Teradata 12 Exam (TE0-14B) can be attempted a maximum of three times by any individual Teradata 12 Certified Technical Specialist in good standing. You may not re-take the Bridge Exam once you have passed it. If a second or third attempt is necessary, you may request an additional eligibility voucher (up to 3) for the Bridge Exam a minimum of 21 days after the initial exam testing date.
      • The Teradata 14 Comprehensive Mastery Exam (TE0-147) can be attempted an unlimited number of times, subject to a maximum of two testing attempts in a six month period. You may not re-take the Comprehensive Mastery Exam once you have passed it. An eligible candidate may request an eligibility voucher 21 days or more after his/her latest Comprehensive Mastery Exam testing date, subject to the restriction of two attempts in a six month period.

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    Banning and Reinstatement Policy

    Per the Teradata Certified Professional Program Candidate Agreement, the Teradata Certified Professional Program reserves the right to ban any candidate from the program that is found to be in violation of said agreement. If you are banned from the program,

    • you can never take any more exams in that certification track or any previous certification track;
    • 1 year after the start of your ban, if you have not incurred any subsequent security violations and if TCPP has released a new certification track, you may be invited to reinstate and begin taking Teradata exams in the new certification track;
    • banning details for currently supported certification tracks.

    If you are notified that you are eligible for reinstatement after being banned, you must accept the Reinstatement Terms and Conditions.

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    Appeals Process

    To appeal an exam invalidation or program ban, please send an email to TCPP.Security@Teradata.com.

    The Teradata Certified Professional Program team will review all information and render a decision in a timely manner. Teradata reserves the right to make all final exam validation and program banning decisions.

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    Security Contact

    Questions regarding the TCPP Security Policies can be emailed to: TCPP.Security@teradata.com

    Security violations should be reported anonymously to: TCPP.Security@teradata.com

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