Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should current Teradata employees use to apply for open positions?

    1. Should current Teradata employees use to apply for open positions?

      No. Teradata employees should go through HReXpress and apply online through the Career Opportunities section.

    2. Do I have to log in to search for jobs?

      No. You can search jobs without creating a profile or logging in.

    3. How do I apply to a job?

      The best way to apply to a job at Teradata is through this website. If you find a position you want to apply to, simply click the “Apply” button and the system will step you through the information required to complete your profile and submit your resume. Much of the information will auto-populate based on your uploaded resume. You will be given the opportunity to add, remove or reorder information as necessary. At any time you can save the information in draft form and come back later to complete.

    4. What document formats can I upload and which ones are supported by the resume parsing tool?

      • Text files (.txt)
      • Hypertext mark up language (.htm; .html)
      • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
      • Rich text format (.rtf)
      • WordPerfect (.wpd)
      • MS Word (.doc)

        MS Excel (.xls) files may be uploaded, but are not supported by the resume parsing tool.

        You cannot attach a file that exceeds the allocated limit of 100 kilobytes.

        You can attach a maximum of 5 files at one time.

    5. How do I submit my resume using Mac OS?

      To submit your resume using Mac OS, ensure it is saved as a .doc, pdf or .rtf. file.

    6. How can I find out if a job that matches my skills is posted?

      When completing your profile, you can elect to receive e-mails when a position is posted that matches your profile and areas of interest.

    7. How do I know my application was received?

      You will receive an e-mail confirming that your resume was received.

    8. What is the application process?

      Teradata fosters a relationship-oriented culture. Because the day-in, day-out work of the organization is carried out by teams, we look for candidates who not only share our passion for using data warehouse analytics to help companies work smarter and faster, but also who can fit into our team-oriented approach.

      We determine that fit by conducting multiple interviews with the hiring manager, members of the manager’s team and people with whom you will work. During the hiring process we make sure a candidate understands both the pace and the expectations Teradata demands. All candidates go through phone screenings prior to coming onsite for interviews. We take the time to really get to know you and for you to get to know us.

      While there may be some differences in the Teradata staffing process depending on which organization you are considering, the basic elements remain the same. Here's what you can anticipate as you advance toward becoming a Teradata associate:
      1. The candidate should search and apply for the positions in which he/she is interested, possesses the requisite skills, and matches the minimum requirements of the position.
      2. The Recruiter will review and identify those candidates whose skills and experiences match the job requirements as detailed in the job description.
      3. Those candidates who have the experience and skills that best match the role will be selected to continue through the process.
      4. Candidates chosen to move forward in the interview process will be notified by a Teradata recruiter regarding the next steps in the process. Please note: We utilize a variety of assessments, depending on which function you are interviewing for. For example, on-site technical tests are conducted for certain positions and web assessments are required for other positions.
      5. As there may be slight variations in the interview/screening process with each opportunity, the recruiter will communicate the process and interview timeline for the position.
      6. If Teradata is able to extend an offer, please note that a background check must be initiated for all external hires or rehires prior to start date. Candidates are required to complete an I-9 form prior to the designated start date in order to verify eligibility to work in the United States. Please note: Applicants being hired in some countries may be required to complete checks prior to the start date including: a credit check, education and employment verification check, FBI fingerprint check, a motor vehicle record check, drug screen, etc.
      7. If a candidate is not selected to continue in the hiring process for a particular job opening, the candidate is encouraged to continue to search the Teradata career website and to apply to any other positions that fit his/her background and experience and for which the minimum qualifications are met.

        As you might imagine, completing all these steps take time – so don’t be concerned if you do not hear from us right away. We will notify you if you’ve been matched to an opening or if at this time we don’t have an opportunity that matches your skills. Please continue to apply to positions that interest you and keep your profile up to date. We are always looking for new talent.

    9. What is the salary range of the position I applied to?

      All of our jobs have a broad salary range that accommodates those employees who are becoming proficient at their positions and those who are already quite skilled. Your starting salary will depend upon your experience and perceived proficiency at your job. Teradata reviews its salary structure regularly to ensure we remain competitive with market conditions.

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