Finance and Performance Management

Across all industries, today’s CFO is under pressure to provide greater reporting transparency, improved analytics, and more insightful business advice – all while increasing financial controls and reducing cost.

To accomplish this, Finance needs a lower-cost, agile finance architecture built to support current and future analytic needs.  By providing a best-practice path toward this simplified IT environment, Teradata Finance and Performance Management helps finance departments do more with less by:

  • Complementing and accelerating value from ERP system investments  
  • Enabling true financial reporting transparency  
  • Facilitating activity-based profitability analytics

"INSIGHT (Teradata) is really a first step in cleaning up our BI landscape so that we have one view of costs and one view of profitability."

— Graeme Aitken, VP, Business Controlling, DHL Express, Teradata Magazine

Products and Services

Teradata provides innovative, best-in-class business solutions and technologies based on more than 30 years of expertise working with industry leaders worldwide.


Teradata Value Analyzer

Delivers enterprise-wide, flexible, data-driven views of cost and profitability by customer, product, organization and more.

Aprimo Master Data Manager

Core MDM offering with hierarchy management capabilities which provide a centralized source of truth beneath detailed, dynamic views of the business.

Teradata Database

Is a powerful foundational database and the most scalable and easily managed relational database on the market.



Finance and Performance Management Opportunity Assessment

Teradata offers a blend of technology and consulting experience to help you align your finance infrastructure with business goals and objectives.

Teradata Industry Consulting Services

Tailored to specific industries and include architecture and design modeling, data warehouse migration and analytics.

Teradata Project Management Services

Leverage Teradata’s expertise to expedite implementation and training, and align strategic and operational intelligence.

Teradata - SAP Integration Solutions

Teradata and SAP deliver analytical solutions to industries with high data-volume requirements.


Finance and Performance Management In Action


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The Road to Financial Transparency
A Strategic Approach to Agile Financial Reporting and Analytics 

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