Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Traditional lean and demand-driven supply chain management delivers value in highly predictable and steady-state industries and markets. However, increasing globalization, virtualization, requirements for increased leverage of IP outside the firewall, and pressures for increasing growth and profits are demanding new chaos-tolerant supply chain management approaches.

Teradata helps you reach more informed and productive decisions by helping you better analyze and synchronize products and processes daily from multiple sources. With the powerful Teradata Database, we can help you make consistent, accurate data — both detailed and summary — available for analysis anywhere in your organization, along with the flexibility to view your business from a variety of perspectives. Teradata can help you:

  • Combine data from thousands of readers and edge servers and millions of tags
  • Allow business managers and executives to see and collaborate across the total supply chain
  • Proactively measure, monitor and exceed supply chain performance objectives

“We have made enormous strides in the ability to manage data and provide decision support to our teams. We can do a lot more, however, and our focus going forward has to be how to truly exploit the information we have.”

Bill Gilmour, director of strategy for IT at Freescale Semiconductor, Freescale Semiconductor gains greater insight into its supply chain

Products and Services

Expertise gained from over 30 years’ experience working with industry leaders has helped Teradata create and implement chaos-tolerant supply chain solutions with the flexibility and scalability to help you cope with market changes today and tomorrow.  


Teradata Manufacturing Logical Data Model

Based on manufacturing best practices, this LDM is a comprehensive, flexible blueprint that of how data is organized within a Teradata system.

Teradata Demand Chain Management

Gives you the ability to manage inventory and vendor relations worldwide.



Teradata Industry Consulting Services

Tailored to specific industries including architecture and design modeling, data warehouse migration and analytics.

Teradata Project Management Services

Expedite implementation and training and align strategic and operational intelligence.

Teradata Availability Management Services

Minimize risk and maintain the most uptime possible for your data warehouse.


Supply Chain Management and Logistics In Action


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Risk Management and the Supply Chain
Mark Hillman, Senior Research Analyst at AMR Research, explains why supply chain risk management is critical to the enterprise, discusses companies that exemplify best practices in supply chain risk management, provides tools to help gain supply chain visibility, and presents the state of the market.

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