Enterprise Risk Management

Today's fast-moving global business environment makes mitigating and managing risk a proactive discipline — for both avoiding the debilitating effects of regulatory non-compliance and for identifying new opportunities. Built on the powerful Teradata Database, we provide a dynamic and scalable platform for integrating, managing and analyzing data to help you avoid the negative effects of failed audits, fines and negative publicity to make better, faster decisions. Teradata helps you:

  • Provide a single view of customer value
  • Make important changes based on risk-adjusted performance measurement
  • Allow risk management to be a proactive key player in corporate strategy
  • Enable rapid internal decision making by shortening the reporting time cycle
  • Arm finance with timely, accurate data to inform

"Teradata has a clear role to play in the infrastructure dimension, especially in building what I call these integrated risk data warehouses."

— Dr. Robert M. Mark, Chief Executive Officer, Black Diamond, Podcast

Products and Services

Teradata helps you deal successfully with compliance issues and manage risk factors with best-in-class enterprise risk management solutions.


Teradata Value Analyzer

Provides you with the necessary profitability insight to make better-informed marketing, distribution, product and risk-management decisions. 

Teradata Financial Services Logical Data Model

The only integrated data model that supports banking, capital markets and insurance — delivering cost savings in reporting, external audit fees, product pricing, campaign ROI and risk exposure.

Teradata Warehouse Miner

An array of data profiling and mining functions ranging from data exploration and transformation to analytic model development and deployment performed directly in Teradata database.

SAS Anti-Money Laundering for Teradata

Integrate customer and transaction data from all areas of the enterprise and automatically identifies, classifies and surfaces suspicious activities.



Teradata Industry Consulting Services

Tailored to specific industries including architecture and design modeling, data warehouse migration and analytics.

Teradata Project Management Services

Expedite implementation and training while aligning strategic and operational intelligence.

Teradata Availability Management Services

Minimize risk and maintain the most uptime possible for your data warehouse.


Enterprise Risk Management In Action


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Best-Practice Enterprise Risk Management
Hear Dr. Robert M. Mark, CEO of Black Diamond, a provider of corporate governance and risk management consulting, discuss the dynamics of simultaneously and efficiently integrating components of risk while effectively operating in complex markets, serving customers and satisfying regulators.

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