• Master Data Management

    Effectively manage master data across the enterprise with one

    With Teradata MDM we can deliver accurate and complete master and reference data that is then leveraged by other applications, functions and processes throughout the enterprise.

  • Meeting your business needs

    Define standard code values for the data warehouse

    Most records stored in data warehouses contain codes from reference data tables that define options such as industry, country, transaction type, and sales channel – core underpinnings of data warehouse analytics. Consistency is essential for accurate decisions that build on these dimensions.

    Cross reference source system codes to standard values

    Improve reporting by removing reference data inconsistencies

    One Master Data Management Solution for the Enterprise

    Teradata MDM provides a central framework with complete support of a data governance environment that is workflow and process driven.  It provides the foundation for the enterprise data governance that is needed by companies today.


    We deliver one solution that can support multiple domains.  Customers don’t have to buy multiple solutions for customer, and then product and then reference data.  Our application is multi-domain so it supports all of these.

    Ability to manage master data for multiple domains

    Optimized to support master data in Teradata environment

    Remove inconsistencies with customer data

    Teradata’s Customer Data Management (CDM) is a solution that can help clean, arrange, load, track, and synchronize customer data. The solution can also manage other critical types of data that can be related or linked to a customer interaction, such as a service, product, supplier, account, or business – providing a true 360 degree view of the customer.

    More clearly understand customer interactions


    Teradata Master Data Management Clients
    Teradata Master Data Management drives significant return on investment by driving consistency with reference data, improving data consistency, and delivering an accurate.
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