Demand Planning

Economic uncertainty has greatly challenged both consumers and the companies that serve them to reassess their use of resources. Consumers have re-evaluated their budgets and buying habits, and they have made some significant changes. Many are cutting back on luxury items, buying less expensive alternatives, delaying purchases—or halting certain purchases altogether.

This correction, in turn, is forcing businesses to make tough decisions to remain profitable. The ability to predict and service changing consumer demand patterns, and use that information to more effectively support the demand chain, will significantly affect the corporate bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Teradata helps you expand your focus from the supply side to include the impact of consumer demand. This critical data signal is the key to recognizing downstream changes and more accurately predicting demand by store and stock-keeping unit (SKU). Improving these predictions allows organizations to increase customer service levels and sales while reducing inventory waste.

"Our product merchandising and planning needs to be tailored to local circumstances and customer wishes. Flexibility and responsiveness are the very core of HEMA’s supply chain strategy."

Machiel Lagerweij, Director of Logistics, HEMA

Products and Services

Expertise gained from over 30 years’ experience working with industry leaders has helped Teradata create and implement solutions that deliver a clear and accurate view of demand and the ability to create replenishment and allocation plans to deliver to that demand.


Teradata Demand Chain Management

Provides a sophisticated forecasting engine to support an integrated replenishment and allocation solution.

Teradata Master Data Management

Maintain the integrity and reliability of your master data enterprise-wide.

Teradata Retail Logical Data Model

Get a single, integrated view of your retail business so business and IT can communicate better about information needs and systems.

Teradata Manufacturing Logical Data Model

Based on manufacturing best practices, this LDM is a comprehensive, flexible blueprint that of how data is organized within a Teradata system.



Teradata Demand Chain Management Software as a Service

The industry leading DCM solution for forecasting, replenishment and allocation is now offered in a software as a service model.

Teradata Industry Consulting Services

Tailored to specific industries including architecture and design modeling, data warehouse migration and analytics.

Teradata Project Management Services

Expedite implementation and training and align strategic and operational intelligence.


Demand Planning In Action


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Data-Driven Innovation in the Supply Chain
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