Data Governance

Data governance is an ongoing process that ensures that data warehouse initiatives align with corporate business objectives today and into the future. Teradata can help you establish a good governance structure that enables you to prioritize, validate and manage this ongoing series of projects, enabling you to:

  • Understand and manage strategic and tactical data, project ownership from a data perspective, and priority setting for data projects
  • Define day-to-day activities of creating, using and retiring data
  • Describe how, when and by whom data was received, created, accessed, modified and/or formatted
  • Determine whether data is fit for its intended use, including completeness and business-rule compliance
  • Implement processes to cleanse, transform, integrate and enrich fresh data across subject areas
  • Address security and privacy compliance across integrated subjects
  • Manage master data by examining data assets and relationships that define enterprise operations

"The bottom line is that data governance is the business-driven oversight of enterprise information."

—Jill Dyché, Baseline Consulting, Teradata Magazine Online

Products and Services

With a 30-year foundation of expertise working with industry leaders worldwide, Teradata can help you put together a data governance framework that avoids the operational impact of business disruptions and works toward common objectives to keep your business on track.


Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse Roadmap

One-stop planning tool that aligns your most pressing business needs to help you quickly bring corporate goals and objectives in line with supporting facts.

Teradata Logical Data Models

Tailored to the needs of specific industries, Teradata LDMs build the linkage from the highest strategic levels of your company down to the basic business facts as captured in operational data.

Teradata Database

Patented parallel architecture delivering industry leading benchmark performance that easily handles the extreme processing requirements that today’s data warehouses demand.

Teradata Platform Family

Satisfy your end-to-end analytic needs with platforms designed to serve entry- to enterprise-level requirements.



Teradata Industry Consulting Services

Tailored to specific industries including architecture and design modeling, data warehouse migration, and analytics.

Teradata Project Management Services

Leverage the Teradata difference to expedite implementation and training, align strategic and operational intelligence.

Teradata Availability Management Services

Minimize risk and maintain the most uptime possible for your data warehouse.


Data Governance In Action


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