Customer Relationship Management

The growth of the Internet, mobile sales channels and social networking makes recognizing your customers across multiple touch points a challenge. In addition, most companies have customer data in multiple, disparate systems that are not integrated. Managing these issues to really know your customers helps you quickly resolve critical challenges such as customer value, acquisition, growth and retention while enhancing your ROI.

Teradata Customer Management provides more relevant conversations with your customers, which lead to more profitable, satisfying and longer-lasting relationships by harnessing a powerful combination of advanced analytics and marketing communication features. Based on the robust Teradata database engine, Teradata offers these critical components of marketing effectiveness:

  • Campaign Management
  • Marketing Resource Management
  • Offer Management
  • Active Analytics
  • Integrated Web Intelligence
  • Interaction Management
  • Communication Management

Products and Services

With more than 30 years of expertise working with industry leaders worldwide, Teradata offers you mature and proven solutions to help you understand your customers and provide them with appropriate offers at the right time.


Teradata Relationship Manager

Combines powerful analytics with automated customer communication capabilities to drive relevant and timely messages into operational systems, allowing you to interact intelligently with your customers.

Teradata Integrated Web Intelligence

Teradata Integrated Web Intelligence collects and integrates web behavior into your data warehouse to provide access to a more comprehensive customer view.

Teradata Database

The most scalable and easily managed relational database on the market.

Teradata Platform Family

Satisfy your end-to-end analytic needs with platforms designed to serve entry- to enterprise-level requirements.



Teradata Industry Consulting Services

Tailored to specific industries including architecture and design modeling, data warehouse migration and analytics.

Teradata Project Management Services

Leverage the Teradata difference to expedite implementation and training, align strategic and operational intelligence, and more.

Teradata Availability Management Services

Minimize risk and maintain the most uptime possible for your data warehouse.


Customer Relationship Management In Action


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