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    Discover the value of a data-driven business.

  • Big Data Analytics and Discovery For Actionable Business Insights

    In today's environment of data abundance and frequent data overload, the ability to discover unique insight enables organizations to improve decision making, resulting in the ability to take advantage of opportunities, minimize risks, and control costs.

    Big data analytics is not not just about managing more or diverse data. Rather, it is about asking new questions, formulating new hypotheses, exploration and discovery, and making data-driven decisions. Ultimately, a big part of big data analytic efforts is the use of new analytics techniques — on either new data or data that has been combined in new ways.

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    The Big Data Phenomenon: Not a Revolution, Just an Evolution

    Big data can be a big advantage when you’re able to take data from disparate silos and place in the hands of the people who need it, when they need it most. Don’t let the hype around big data scare you. It’s just a natural evolution—not a revolution—of your existing data analytics strategy. Just consider these key points:

    • Collecting big data is rapidly becoming more economical
    • New analytics can open your eyes to new visual insights and discoveries about your customers
    • Big data architecture is becoming both more specialized and comprehensive. To facilitate this discovery process, Teradata has built a simple architecture to guide your IT plans, the Unified Data Architecture™. 

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    Uncover New Insights With Big Data Analytics

    The Teradata Aster Discovery Platform was developed to ease the discovery of crucial business insights from all data types. With its powerful analytic applications coupled with minimal time and effort requirements, it provides the discovery insights needed for sophisticated companies today.

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    Better Answers. Trusted Hadoop.

    Teradata—the #1 trusted advisor to clients—now provides a single source for all things Apache™ Hadoop®. Teradata not only integrates with open-source Hadoop, but also delivers engineered and supported Hortonworks® appliances that go beyond standard Hadoop.

    The Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop provides customers with the most trusted and flexible Hadoop product platforms in your next-generation data architecture with new best-in-class services, training, and customer support. You can use Teradata as an exclusive, secure gateway into your Hadoop system by only allowing access through Teradata SQL-H.

    Teradata can help you determine how to exploit Hadoop technology in a way that maximizes business value while reducing the total cost of deploying and managing Hadoop.

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    The Flexibility of Data Analytics in the Cloud

    Cloud technology offers a wealth of new options for data management and analytics. With so many solutions to choose from, IT leaders are in an excellent position to find precisely the right combination of performance, functionality, and value to suit their particular needs.

    To choose the right cloud solution, carefully consider how much data there is to analyze, how many concurrent users will be analyzing the information, and what level of performance is necessary to meet SLAs.

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    How Companies are Innovating with Big Data

    With a pro-consumer attitude and disruptive marketing, T-Mobile implements a Unified Data Architecture™ to innovate in a highly competitive telco marketplace. Learn More

    Cardinal Health

    Cardinal Health has used data to optimize the supply chain ensuring that the complicated array of raw materials that are essential for high quality healthcare arrive in good condition, when the patients need them. Learn More

    McCain Foods
    McCain Foods is a global food giant, with great pizzas, vegetables, appetizers and desserts. And they’ve transformed their culture with data. McCain has taken more than 22,000 reports and 3,000 personal reporting systems and put the data in one place. “We took 30,000 versions of the truth, and brought it down to one version of the truth.” Learn More

    American Red Cross
    One Red Cross: That is the vision that drives the American Red Cross to create a data-driven marketing organization. Red Cross’s vision in marketing is to create consolidated, powerful, breathtaking marketing. Data and information consolidation enables American Red Cross to reach for this vision. Learn More

    Barnes and Noble
    Taking data from more than 1,300 stores and one of the largest loyalty programs in the US, Barnes and Noble combines it with data from their e-commerce site. Using data analytics, Barnes and Noble knows exactly who their customers are, and what they want to buy – or read – next. Learn More

    Find more success stories in Teradata’s Insights and Outcomes blog.

    Assess Your Organization’s Big Data Analytics Competency

    Evaluate your organization's data discovery and big data analytics competency with the IDC Discovery Platform Assessment Tool.

    Receive a customized report, based on your answers to a short questionnaire, with recommendations for moving up the maturity scale and becoming a data-driven business.

    The assessment tool is designed to measure your organization's competency across the following four dimensions: people, process, data, and technology. See how your organization measures up!

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  • "Aster with the discovery platform actually allows us to have those connections both to Teradata and the data warehouse as well as our connection into the Hadoop distribution so that we can have the insights on the data that sit in both locations without necessarily having to completely replicate the data as other solutions might require."

    Rob Smith, Exec. Director, IT – Verizon Wireless


    Verizon Wireless Know Their 100 Million Customers

    How does the biggest wireless carrier in the United States keep their customers happy? Provide the best network with the best customer experience and listen. How does Verizon Wireless listen? With a Unified Data Architecture.  

    “The traditional past of batch-and-blast is really something that's not effective. We're finding that with the insights that we're getting from these customer interactions that we can better target our communications, our marketing efforts and our sales, based on what the customer's individual needs are as opposed to what we as a business think they might need.”

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