Case studies

Case Studies

What Are Market Leaders Doing Better With Big Data?

Explore how companies like yours are profiting from Big Data

It’s said that mediocre composers borrow, great composers steal.

The fastest path to success is to replicate and build on proven successes.

Get up to speed, explore how market leaders are profiting from big data. Find out how you can discover more business value in your data.

  • Find out the latest uses for Big Data
  • Glean ideas and improve your strategy
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Case Studies for Your Business Area

White Paper:
How to Stop Small Thinking from Preventing Big Data Victories by Dan Woods, CITO Research and Scott Gnau, Teradata

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Big Data's Three Big Questions Webinar with HBR

Thinking Bigger Than Big Data: The Intelligent Enterprise

Q4 2013 Teradata Magazine Article:
An Ensemble of Analytic Methods

Welcoming Disruption for Innovation to Create Dell 2.0

White Paper:
Slicing the Big Data Analytics Stack

Verizon Wireless Maximizes Value with Teradata Purpose-Built Platform Family


Teradata Data Points - How the Netflix Data Platform Builds on the Strengths of SQL and Hadoop